HOLLYWOOD—I was living and I mean living for this new season of “American Horror Story.” “AHS: 1984” which pays homage to the decade that birth and killed the horror genre has been a thrill-a-minute. The first episode was sensational, but it was episode four ‘True Killers’ that shook me to the core. I mean the surprises delivered before the epic climax with episode five was fantastic.

However, I am now concerned as to where things are headed. SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t been watching, stop reading now! Mr. Jingles is not really Mr. Jingles people! Yes, our serial killer is none other than Margaret, who flipped her marbles after being teased, while a teen at the camp. She then framed Mr. Jingles, who was brainwashed into thinking he was this maniac. It was a delicious twist, one that I did not see coming because the narrative was so enthralling I didn’t think about it.

This only led to more chaos because Margaret started to dispatch of the teens like cotton candy. First, Chet, then Xavier before allowing Brooke to take the fall for her crimes by making herself look like a victim. Yeah, that injuring herself twist was something more common in modern day horror than 80s horror people. We saw The Night Stalker attempt to take on Mr. Jingles only to die in brutal fashion, but be resurrected as a Ghost, we learned Nurse Rita is not who she claimed to be. It was Donna who helped Jingles escape from the mental institution. However, the icing on the cake was the revelation that Montana has a vendetta against Brooke for that wedding disaster that led to the death of her brother Sam.

Yeah, that twist took me for a major loop, as it was revealed that Montana was responsible for Brooke’s first attack by the Night Stalker. However, it was the Margaret reveal as the killer which had everyone hoodwinked that left me aghast. First, Chet dies in brutal fashion, soon followed by Xavier who actually killed Mr. Jingles, just as he was about to take out Margaret once and for all. I was screaming at the screen for that dolt Xavier to stop: YOU’RE KILLING THE WRONG PERSON!

Camp Redwood is running rampant with ghosts and that element alone has caused me to sour a bit. I liked at first that “AHS: 1984” seemed to be grounded in an element of reality. With this ghost twist, everyone who died has come back to life and appear to be trapped at Camp Redwood, everyone except Mr. Jingles and Richard. Now what felt like a classic 80s horror flick has turned into something comical and not as exciting as I hoped. I mean we’re on episode six, with only 2 more episodes left before the season wraps, so how are the writer’s planning to keep our interest if everyone is dead, jailed or a ghost?

That is where episode six, which celebrated the series’ 100th episode placed its focus and I’ve warmed back up to the series. The love affair between Benjamin and Richard ended on a sour note, when Benjamin decided to turn on his pal and his murderous ways to the town folks in Mexico. He was brutally beaten, captured and jailed, and he vowed vengeance, which we’ll talk about more later!

The audience got a fast-forward to 1989 that shows Montana, Xavier, Chet and Ray still stuck at Camp Redwood and indulging in murder since they have no idea why they are trapped at this camp. What about Margaret? Great question you ask. She is now a filthy rich, real estate mogul, who happens to be married to Trevor, yes, that Trevor. When she stabbed him, he didn’t die and he blackmailed her into marriage to keep her secret. So it looks like someone has leverage on Margaret and I’m dying to see how this will play out.

Brooke was found guilty of the 1984 Camp Redwood murders, which only resulted in Margaret celebrating more to Trevor’s chagrin. Benjamin moved to Alaska, changed his name, got married, had a kid and now works at a video store of all places. Margaret just cannot stay away from the place that turned her into full-blown psychopath, and decided to host a massive music festival, unaware that Chet, Xavier, Ray and Montana were out for her blood. The villain is going to get theirs, I cannot wait! Benjamin wanted to prove that his thirst for blood was over, but seeing Margaret on the TV screen only screamed rage inside.

After Richard learned about the revival at Camp Redwood, he was determined more than ever to get out of his jail cell and summoned Satan to perform some dark magic. All this transpired as Brooke was about to get the lethal injection. She traded some harsh words to Margaret who had a front row seat to the execution. Now I thought Brooke would be saved, but nope, she was really killed, but wait for it, she was brought back to life by Donna Chambers of all people. Yes, it seems Donna gave Brooke a drug that made it appear like she was dead, and later brought her back to life.

Benjamin returned home with a bloody surprise as he found his wife’s body, and decided it was time to return to Camp Redwood to finish what he started. Oh, we’re culminating to the finale people and this really has been one of the best seasons of “American Horror Story” in a long-time if you ask me. I cannot wait to see how it all ends.