SAN FRANCISCO—On November 12, a gas leak near San Francisco’s Alamo Square Park injured one person and prompted evacuations in the area, according to the San Francisco Fire Department (SFFD).

The incident was first reported at around 3:00 p.m., near Fulton Street. A gas leak coming from a sidewalk vent fueled large flames that burst into the air, forcing a block of Fulton Street to be evacuated.  The fire burned near San Francisco’s famous “Painted Ladies” neighborhood. Officers from the San Francisco Police Department went door to door to inform residents in the area to evacuate.

“Gas leak with fire Fulton between Pierce and Steiner. Evacuation in place Fulton Street between Pierce and Steiner. Avoid Area”, the San Francisco Fire Department warned in a tweet on November 12.

San Francisco fire officials indicated that the cause of the gas leak was from a puncture in an underground gas service line, which a nearby construction crew accidentally hit. One construction worker had suffered a minor injury from the flames.

“Service line hit by construction workers-1 adult injured (Minor injury)-PGE and SFPD and SFFD on a scene working to mitigate-No structures”, read an update from the SFFD via Twitter.

Firefighters eventually shut off the gas that was fueling the fire, and gas service to 1086 Fulton will remain off as fire officials and PG&E crews assess the damage and determine how to fix it.

By 5 p.m. on November 12, residents who lived on the block were informed that they could return home.