SAN FRANCISCO—Local restaurant Alfred’s steakhouse has permanently closed after 92 years of business. The sudden closure was first reported by The San Francisco Chronicle, although the details around the closure still remain unclear.

The restaurant, located on 659 Merchant St, has been vacated and is listed on Maven Properties, where it is now available for lease. 

Founded in 1928 by Italian owner Alfredo Bacchini, Alfred’s Steakhouse was family-owned for generations, and was the oldest steakhouse in San Francisco. It is among a list of at least 70 other eateries that have reported closure in San Francisco since March 17. In 2015 Alta Group bought the steakhouse, until the original family came out of retirement and bought in back in December 2018, reportedly because the business seems to be struggling under new ownership. In 2018 the restaurant temporarily closed following the shift in ownership. In summer 2019, the business temporarily closed again to undergo renovations and revamp the menu. The steakhouse was known for its large selection of steaks, oysters, and decadent desserts such as sundaes and cheesecake. 

The business’s website has been removed and is no longer active. The San Francisco News reached out to Alfred’s for comment, but they could not be reached.