HOLLYWOOD─It took me a bit of time to get invested in the new OWN series “Ambitions” that started with a simmer, but recently ended in a blaze during the mid-season finale. How so? A primary character met a bloody demise, and now the mystery has come front and center as to who killed the father of Evan Lancaster, the Mayor of Atlanta? The first season returned Tuesday night, and picked up precisely where the drama and chaos ended.

‘The Thrill is Gone’ saw Rondell and Evan grieving the loss of their father, just as they pointed the finger at Greg Peters for committing the crime. Titus had plenty of explaining to do with Amara about how he was caught naked with her nemesis, Stephanie. Amara you can’t be too mad at Titus if he cheated on you considering you cheated on him multiple times.

Bella came to the realization that her little tryst led to the kidnapping of her son Joaquin, which created double stress for Evan. I mean he’s dealing with the death of his father and now his son; that’s a lot for anyone to deal with people. Rondell pointed the finger at Stephanie for the murder of her father, which led to some genuine emotion from the wicked Carlisle for once in her lifetime. Looks like Evan’s secret lover was about to suffer a grim fate, but Amara came to her rescue in the nick of time.

Amara was well aware of the threats in place, and had FBI agents paying a watchful over her. Evan held a press conference addressing his father’s passing, just as Peters wondered about his next move. Evan received a call from Joaquin’s kidnappers requesting $1 million in exchange for the return of the child. Just as Amara and Rondell shared a touching moment, Stephanie interrupted the tender moment. Stephanie bragged about a tryst with Titus that never transpired.

Stephanie brought up the past, which only fueled Amara’s thirst to one-up her frenemy. My instinct just screamed it was Bella’s pal who kidnapped her son for a hefty payday. Evan pulled a gun on Peters who pleaded his innocence, but Evan was hoping Joaquin was not in his custody. Well this is a surprise, Titus and Amara have a daughter, and the audience had no idea about it? Looks like these two are dealing with wild child in Dejah.

Evan paid Donna a visit, and why she thought he had her best interest in play, I will never know. Stephanie paid Greg a visit, but instead came face-to-face with Natasha, who issued threats. Stephanie assumed that Greg’s cousin, Natasha killed her father-in-law, and now that I think of it that seems likely people. Bella was ready to contact the police to report her son missing, but she finally admitted that she slept with Ignacio, who could have been culpable in Joaquin’s disappearance. I’m not even going to attempt to understand the relationship between Natasha and Greg, but there is no way in the world those two are cousins.

Rondell was stunned to hear that her lover was considering a run for the Mayor of Atlanta. All of this was transpiring, just as the audience got a glimpse of Joaquin’s kidnapper at the end of the episode, and cue the (I’M RIGHT PEOPLE). It was Bella’s pal who kidnapped her son. Very predictable people, but let’s see how this plays out. New episodes of “Ambitions” airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on OWN.