UNITED STATES—Man, man oh man, I can’t believe the media frenzy that was ignited last week in the midst of that audio being released of Donald Trump and Billy Bush engaging in some crass comments about women. In the midst of this political bombshell, Trump has received so much backlash, many warn he should drop out of the presidential race, Republicans are no longer backing him, Billy Bush has received countless comments on social media, and the list goes on and on.

However, while many would like to point fingers at Trump and Bush, a bigger question that should be raised is rather the United States is promoting a sexist culture? In my gut, I would love to make the argument that this is not the case, but look at the things we promote in society and you can see why one COULD make the argument that a sexist agenda could be at play people.

I mean a man can make harsh and brass comments and would be labeled as being strong, confident, and a figure of authority. Yet, if a women engages in those same tactics in the business world she is labeled as being a b***h and rude. Anyone like to answer why that is? Yeah, it’s a question most can’t answer, but they know has happened or have been the victim of such labeling because of engaging in such behavior, which by all means is acceptable in most business environments.

Then we have that ongoing debate about how women dress in the public sphere compared to how men dress. Women are expected to keep a level of composure or restraint when it comes to dress without giving an inclination of temptation to the opposite sex. However, I would make the argument that as men, we have to have better restraint, and we have to control our hormones. A woman should be able to DRESS however, the hell she so pleases to do so. And no questions should be raised regarding if that dress invites a particular reaction. Men need to control their hormones and speak to women the way they would speak to their mother.

That raises the biggest question of all regarding double standards, especially in the world of sex. If a guy scores with multiple women it is seen as a badge of honor. I have to admit, its behavior that is promoted in my family, and it’s quite unfathomable that these things are being taught to our children and if they don’t follow in those footsteps, the guy is labeled as being weak or not fully embodying the characteristics it takes to be a true ‘man.’ Yet, if a women has sex with more than one guy or engages in dating multiple parties she is depicted as being  a slut or whore. Hey, what gives America? Why can a guy get away with it, yet, if a woman does it its frowned upon?

We also know that there still exists gaps in pay between men and women, and what baffles me is the FACT that they perform the same job, yet a guy is getting paid more than his female counterpart because he’s a guy. What the hell, what the hell people? That brings the big debacle of 2015 with the leakage of classified emails in the movie industry that disclosed pay parameters for some A-star talent in the industry.

I totally understand the negotiation process, but it is worrisome, when someone like Jennifer Lawrence (who totally was the best thing in the movie “American Hustle”) receives a pay far lower than her male counterparts. I mean this woman has won an Oscar people and has been nominated multiple times for an Oscar at such a young age. She should not have to warrant a higher pay, it should be a direct given if you ask me.

Yes, plenty of people will argue with me that we are not sexist country, but we need to make a lot more moves and changes to ensure that we are actually promoting equality between both sexes and not living up to so many double standards that have become staples in our society.