HELLO AMERICA!—It’s unbelievable that at every turn some kind of drama, nationally as well as globally explode in the face of the American people. If it’s not President Trump attempting to steal the moment with his daily “tweet” show or ISIS surprising another European nation with a bomb or two. It’s some ambitious person of color waving his or her hand in support of the KKK loving congressional guys in Washington who genuinely believe that we swallow the crap when they yell “LET’S MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

Not only that, most of us grew up listening to all social and political points of view on RADIO; now there appears to be one major opinion representing a type of pre-civil war mindset.  It’s amazing that there was ever a MARTIN LUTHER KING, FREDRICK DOUGLAS, JOHN F. KENNEDY, DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER, HARRY TRUMAN and so many other power forces standing for civil rights, respect for women, support of the arts which genuinely represent who we are as a people, a nation as an example for the rest of the world.

During the second World War, I remember a film industry that produced some of the most inspiring motion pictures which touted respect, freedom and the kind of world void of the “goose step” or the terrifying shouts of Sieg Heil warning those who didn’t believe what they did might end up in a concentration camp. As a result, over 6 million people were affected; how soon we forget!

When it was announced that I was returning to radio after several years of concentrating on other creative endeavors, the response has been enormous; I didn’t realize how many of you remember those wonderfully, crazy, fun hours spent at KDIA radio/San Francisco/Oakland or KRE in Berkeley when Barry Pope, my co-host and I kept things running hot and heavy and enjoyed every burning second!

Now I will be heard on the Atlanta station, WLMRRADIO twice weekly (I will keep you in the loop as for day and time), hoping to stir up, even more, excitement about this crazy world we happen to exist in. Already, I’ve banked up several fascinating guests who will help in making your points of view heard and matter. Let’s face it, folks, it’s time again that the average, hard-working, middle-class Americans realize they should rise up against the campaign to bury all the progress made in the last several years in science, education and even in how we maintain peace through negotiation, instead of bombs and other weapons of horror leaving people destitute, hungry totally left for others to rebuild in order to stay alive.

I remember as a youngster looking at newsreels and photos of millions of naked, rotting bodies thrown in concentration pits and holes because they dared to be respected as human beings. Yes, I was around 12 years old, but I remember and the effect it had on me THEN, I still feel the anger and determination to make life easier and more tolerable in any way I possibly can for those who need it.

For me, that’s an important journey for all of us who are fortunate enough to live in a country where we wave the flag easily and shout I LOVE AMERICA! Now we have to give it, even more, reason as artists, composers, teachers, ministers and all the rest of it so that we won’t forget who we really are as a free-loving nation, BUT most importantly WHY we love America!