HOLLYWOOD—Well, the season premiere of “American Horror Story” had toned down on the sex and gore compared to last season. This was not the case tonight! Make sure your little kids aren’t watching this show, and here we go on episode two of “My Roanoke Nightmare”.

We start where we left off with Shelby coming across a group of people wearing older looking clothes and a scalped man falling at her feet. She is able to get away but watches the group’s ritual lead by Kathy Bates’ so far unnamed character. Bates is nailing a man to a log and placing a pig head on the man’s head. She calls him a deserter and the group watches as the man is burned over a fire. Shelby runs and passes out in front of Lee’s car.

Matt in his interview recounts that the police found nothing of the human sacrifice and insist that Shelby is tested for hallucinogenic drugs while at the hospital. Shelby is convinced what she saw was an elaborate host and is willing to stay and fight for their home now. Lee’s daughter Flora comes to visit her mother and Flora right away starts talking to someone invisible named Priscilla. Priscilla has told Flora she is tired of all the blood and when a vase crashes to the floor Lee finds an old child’s bonnet.

At night pig screeches bring Shelby and Matt outside armed with a bat. The sounds soon separate the couple in the woods until they reunite in front of a large burning stick figure with meat hanging from it and a severed pig’s head on top. Matt uses the bat to knock the burning wood figure down and the police are called. The police are finally able to see some evidence, but only say they will find some people to question and a cop car will be parked in the driveway.

The same night after Shelby and Matt have gone back to sleep the house phone starts to ring and Matt wakes up to answer it. There is static and a woman saying she is hurt and needs help. Matt notices the phone cord is not plugged in and hangs up the phone, but he still hears the woman. He walks into the other room and finds two nurses over the bed of an old woman. The old lady does not want her medication so the two nurses shoot her in the head and spray paint an “M” on the wall for the first letter in the old lady’s first name. Lee wakes up to Matt screaming at the cop parked outside, but when the three of them look around the house nothing is there. Matt rationalizes that it might be neurological damage from his attack prior to moving.

Lee’s ex-husband comes by to pick up Flora. Lee and her ex think Flora is playing hide-and-seek, but when they find her she says Priscilla is going to kill them all and save Flora for last. Lee’s ex says Flora is never coming back and he is going to a judge which sends Lee off the wagon. Matt and Shelby find her in the kitchen and the kitchen knives are stuck in the ceiling. Matt puts Lee in bed and leaves her when Shelby calls for him. Lee alone sees the nurses for a split second and when she goes into the hallway she sees moving pig tails nailed to the wall and the pig man in the mirror.

Shelby had called Matt into the kitchen because there was a girl in older clothes standing in the yard. The couple goes outside and finds cellar doors that lead to a cellar that looks like it has been lived in. They find a TV and a video recorder and we get to see this season’s character Dennis O’Hare will be playing. O’Hare plays Dr. Elias Cunningham who was living in the cellar in 1997. He says the forces in the house have physically harmed him and are trying to kill him.

Cunningham says he is an author and university professor who was researching the two nurses who had set up an assisted living facility in the house. They used the house to kill the elderly based on their names so they could spell out “MURDER’, but the word was left at “MURDE” because something stopped them, something evil in the house. “MURDE” apparently shows through paint and once Matt takes down the wallpaper in the room the nurses were in they see the word. Cunningham’s video ends with him in the house and something coming up behind him.

Shelby and Matt want out, and even though the bank had changed some details about the house online, it seems the couple is stuck with the house. As the bank guy leaves Lee returns with Flora in the back seat. Uh oh, kidnapping is not something an ex-cop wants to do, and Matt and Shelby are able to cool Lee’s ex down so he can drive over and pick up Flora. But, Flora saw the little girl outside and is now missing! All that is left is her yellow jacket 100 feet up a tree.

Until next Wednesday horror fanatics!