Amtrak Bound For SF Collides With Vehicle


SAN FRANCISCO—After a driver pulled his sedan onto train tracks in Elko, Nevada, an Amtrak train traveling from Chicago to San Francisco collided with the parked vehicle, killing the driver inside.

On Monday, April 27 at approximately 2:30 a.m., the California Zephyr was traveling westbound towards Elko when it plowed into the parked car. Preliminary reports from the Elko County Sheriff’s Department suggest that the collision was the result of a suicide attempt by the lone male occupant of the vehicle.

In an apparent suicide, an Amtrak train traveling through the high desert collided with a parked vehicle.

Elko County Ambulance and Deeth Fire Volunteers responded to the scene, where they took part in a clean-up effort that lasted for nearly four hours. Most of the effort involved removing the wreckage of the Buick Sedan from the front of the train.

The train’s engines sustained no damage and no other victims were physically injured in the crash. The identity of the victim has not yet been released to the public.