UNITED STATES—I love a good amusement park America, I think I have ever since I was a kid. I think I love amusement parks even more as an adult people. People ask me all the time, what do you find thrilling about being at an amusement park? I think it’s the adrenaline rush that I get people. The fact that you can get on a roller coaster or a ride and you are NOT in control is absolutely exhilarating for me people. I wish I could explain it in words for people, but I can’t I just can’t.

Those who are adrenaline junkies like myself you understand the feeling. I was recently at a local carnival with my nieces and they have the same contagious energy about rollercoasters and rides as anyone else. I particularly love rides were you find yourself high in the air, but at the same time, I don’t like heights. So it’s like I’m confronting a fear, while having fun at the same time.

We got on the pirate ship, which is a ride that rocks back and forth getting higher each time. Yes, you feel those butterflies in your stomach. We got on another spinning ride that moved with a ferocious speed that made me laugh so hard I could not stop giggling people. There are rides that I cannot stand and those are spinning rides. For some reason my niece loves a ride we coin as the spaceship that spins exorbitantly fast so much to the point that gravity works against you and you cannot move freely. You get raised on this platform to the top and at unexpected times you drop.

That is the thing that annoys me the most as I get a massive headache every time I get on this ride and I’ve finally made it a mission of mine to stay away from this ride. Disney World, Disney Land, King’s Island, Opryland, Cedar Point, you name it I’ve likely been to that amusement park. However, nothing tops Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio people.

It is the amusement park that is for both kids and adults. I think it is more for adults than kids people. I mean the amount of rollercoasters you can ride are endless and thrilling as hell. I used to be fearful of the Top Thrill Dragster that shoots you off at a speed of more than 120mph to a 420 foot drop. Yes, it is very high people, but you move so fast that you barely feel the drop you feel that take off that is a gut punch to the stomach.

With that said, one of my favorites is the Millennium Force that has a 318 foot drop and moves 90mph and it’s so exhilarating. I think it’s the fact that this ride is right near Lake Erie so that water can be seen if you’re sitting to your left of the coaster increasing that fear level. The new ride that had me on edge was the Steel Vengeance. This ride secures you at the bottom of your waits. There is no bar to hold onto. There is a little safety belt that you can hold onto, but the ride drops you over 200 feet with a rapid speed that is so scary and wicked that you feel at times like you might fall off the coaster people.

Another favorite on my list is the Valravn that has a 90 degree tilt before you plunge nearly 200 plus feet. The scary point is you are facing the bottom for several seconds before that drop occurs and it is scary as hell people, but I love it. Other favorites include the Magnum XL, the Raptor, the Maverick, the Skyhawk, the Gatekeeper and so many others.

However, the amusement park is not just about the rides and games, it’s about the food. There is NOTHING LIKE CARNIVAL FOOD people! While not healthy, it is tasty and you can only indulge so often. For example, a funnel cake people, cotton candy, hand cut fresh and crispy French Fries and so much more. The thing about being at an amusement park is the goal is to ride as much as you can, because I’m the type of person once I stop to eat that’s it for me, no more rides because I fear getting sick or throwing up.

The only bad thing about being at the amusement park is if you go on a hot day. I HATE waiting in line when the weather is wickedly hot because you cannot cool of and you sweat to a point that is just plain uncomfortable people. The amusement park and the notion of letting go of control is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if it is yours you understand how fun the amusement park is when you get there and you create memories with family and friends that live forever.

Written By Jason Jones