SAN FRANCISCO—On November 4, a massive illegal growing operation was busted in Union City, near San Francisco. Acting with the help of an anonymous tip-off, Union city police officers and detectives moved in on the growing operation, and discovered 20 illegal and unauthorized growing rooms for cannabis. Police officers shut down the operation, and seized 15,000 marijuana plants with a combined estimated street value of $27.5 million. Officers also seized $22,000 in cash, various technology and tools used for cultivation, and a bank account that had a total of approx. $250,000 in illegally-obtained funds.

In a statement, Union police revealed that its Special Services Unit received a call from an anonymous caller back in June, who tipped them off to an illegal marijuana operation nearby. Police opened an investigation, and it took several months for detectives to track down the locations and obtain search warrants. 

Police have not yet announced whether arrests have been made, and have not released the identities of suspects involved in the grow-op. No immediate updates are available from police.

Under California law, those who are 21 years or older are permitted to “possess, process, transport, purchase, obtain, or give away to person 21 or olders.” Adults in the state are also allowed to plant and cultivate cannabis, but with a limit of six live plants max. Any other type of sale or cultivation of marijuana is illegal, and selling to minors remains strictly prohibited by law.