SAN FRANCISCO—On Thursday, April 15, a former executive of Recology was accused of money laundering & bribery connected to former San Francisco Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru. Two former executives of Recology are now alleged to have taken part in the San Francisco City Hall scandal. The bribery payment was disguised as a donation to a children’s non-profit organization.

John Francis Porter, former vice president and group manager of Recology’s San Francisco Group, is accused of allegedly signing off on a laundering payout of $20,000 through a donation made from Recology to the Lefty O’Doul’s Foundation for Kids in November 2018.

The bribe was part of an effort to raise the fee prices that the company charged San Francisco residents & businesses for their services.  Porter is set to appear in court on Tuesday, April 20 to face charges of bribery of a local official and concealment of money laundering. 

Porter allegedly directed more than $1 million in bribes through his subordinate, former Group Government & Community Relations Manager for Recology Paul Giusti. The money was given in exchange for Nuru’s compliance with Recology’s plan. In an internal email obtained by prosecutors, Porter said, “keeping him [Nuru] happy is important.” Charges against Porter carry a maximum of 30 years in prison and a $750,000 fine if convicted.

Last month, Recology agreed to reimburse its customers and the city of San Francisco $94.5 million in damages after the scandal made national headlines.