SAN FRANCISCO—A jury awarded Planned Parenthood $2,275,083 on Friday, November 15, after a six-week civil trial.

The jury found that the non-profit group Center for Medical Progress, David Daleiden and various employees were guilty of trespassing on private property and videos they recorded in 2015 to create a campaign to expose Planned Parenthood alleged illegal sale of fetal tissue and organs. Their goal was to alert the public of backdoor sales and the commodity behind abortion was dubbed “Human Capital Project.”

CMP created a fictitious company called BioMax in order to meet with senior employees at Planned Parenthood to compile as much information possible on the sale of fetal tissue and organs. 

During the taping and recording of the videos, Daleiden, the project leader for CMP, and associates claimed to be gaining access to the hidden economy and highlighting the illegal practice.    

Perhaps the most widespread use of the footage CMP collected was during Carly Fiorina’s run for office. The campaign video titled “Character of Our Nation” was released by Carly for America. The video depicts the work of Daleiden and his associates, to better illustrate the need for reform and defunding to Planned Parenthood.,

Since 2015, Planned Parenthood worked to sue CMP for illegal recording, trespassing, racketeering, breach of contract, as well as damages that may have occurred as a result of such activities. 

Daleiden argued that he acted as an investigative journalist and cannot be prosecuted, but it was not a strong enough defense to prevent Daleiden to be exonerated of claims forged against him. 

Planned Parenthood planned to prove in court that CMP worked with pro-life agencies to halt legal abortion. Daleiden was represented by the Thomas Moore Society; a group that is known for its pro-life and religious agenda.

“Outrageous. I am sure that all the Dems & MSM pundits breathlessly opining on the sanctity of whistleblowers will rush to the defense of Daleiden for blowing the whistle on Planned Parenthood’s facially illegal conduct here….,” tweeted Ted Cruz.

“The verdict in the David Daleiden case is a complete travesty of justice and a significant wound to the First Amendment.  If David had exposed the unethical and commercial destruction of puppies the country would have rallied to his defense,” tweeted James O’Keefe III.

Daleiden and his attorneys have indicated that they will appeal the verdict from Judge Orrick, denying all claims lodged against him. Daleiden and his co-defendant Sandra Merritt are expected to go to trial on December 6 to face 14 counts of invasion of privacy.