HOLLYWOOD—The good news we have to report on “Days of Our Lives” are the residents learning that Kayla and Marlena are alive. As for Kate, the viewers know she’s alive, we just don’t know her whereabouts. The big hiccup is that news of Bo Brady being alive is still tight-lipped, except for Kayla who is being held captive by her brother.

Yes, Bo has broken free of Megan’s brainstorming for the time being and has kidnapped his sister and taken off to Greece, to the home where Bo’s dad, Victor built his empire in the business arena. Kayla managed to utilize a burner cell to make a call to Stephanie to alert her about her whereabouts, but her daughter missed that detail about her Uncle Bo being her kidnapper. With that said, Steve, knows his wife is alive and her whereabouts and is about to go after her, but he won’t be the only one. Why? Harris and Hope are also journeying to that country.

Yes, Steve, John and all of Salem know about Hope who has been MIA on the actual soap for quite some time is headed to try to rescue Kayla. Little does Hope know she’s about to come face-to-face with the one true love of her life: BO BRADY! Oh, the moment when Hope and Bo land eyes on one another will be a classic soap moment. I cannot wait for it. The one thing I’m still trying to figure out is exactly what Bo’s masterplan is and what Megan REALLY wanted him to do for her.

It couldn’t be her simply wanting to reunite with her first love so the plan has to be big considering it involved Dr. Rolf. Megan has been nabbed by the ISA and is in custody, just as Bo did find a plethora of orchid flowers that he is planning to use for his new lease in life. Audiences will just have to wait and see how this unfolds people. Let’s return to Salem to discuss plenty of happenings, starting with a possible relationship that I’m liking what I’m seeing: Xander and Chloe.

It is no secret that Rachel, Brady’s daughter with Kristen DiMera is a brat. The kid is just spoiled rotten and has been mentally screwed by Kristen and her antics. So much to the point that not only will she give Chloe a chance, but it resulted in Chloe truly letting it erupt how she feels about the kid. Brady is in a tough spot; his kid or his lover. We already know how this will end. As a result, Xander has been a shoulder for Chloe to lean on in her difficult time. Why? He pulled that column Leo was planning to run exposing how Chloe truly felt about Rachel.

Xander has been dealing with a lot lately. Not only did he pummel his cousin Alex, which resulted in a black eye over Gwen, but having a bit of an epiphany about where his life currently stands. Do I think Xander still has a torch for Gwen? Nope, I think that is done and over and Xander has realized his sins of the past. However, he knows Alex is nothing more than a male whore, sleeping with anything that walks. Alex and Gwen are bonding, but so are Chloe and Xander and out of the two pairs, Chloe and Xander have a bit more chemistry if I’m being honest. The only caveat: how Brady will react to the burgeoning relationship? Not good people.

EJ and Nicole are working behind the scenes to sock it to Stefan and Gabi, but they fail to realize when it comes to business Gabi is no idiot especially when she wants to get back at someone for keeping a secret, um, Li and EJ. EJ and Nicole arranged for Stefan and Gabi to have a romp in the sheets, too bad that Gabi picked up on what they were planning and turned the tables. How so? Li burst into that hotel room, but found Stefan in bed with Melinda Trask, not Gabi. EJ’s little plan blew up in his face and it looks like Stefan and Gabi are getting the last laugh and I love it people. Stefan and Gabi belong together and seeing that moment will be well worth it.

Trask is busy playing referee as Paulina is looking to nail her enemy, Sloan for trashing her office and making threats. Guess what people, it ain’t Sloan. It is way too easy and it looks like someone is trying to set her up. The mysterious note, no actual evidence, but Chanel being Chanel is adding fuel to the fire by going directly to Leo with a potential column to interest his readers. Chanel, Chanel, when will you learn and stop poking your nose where it doesn’t belong.

Chanel is responsible for the death of Sloan’s mother, which makes one wonder if Sloan’s father or a family member is setting her up to get revenge on the Price family people. Eric is starting to question his lover, and that made me suspect what if this was Nicole’s doing? She is jealous of Eric and Sloan’s relationship, but Nicole did it to herself blabbing her mouth, this could be her angle to get Eric back.

Looks like Paulina is doing the same by pushing Wendy to go after Tripp. Is that because she sees the chemistry between the two or that she wants Chanel to reunite with Johnny? That would be difficult as it seems Talia, Jada’s sister, who just happens to be a doctor is now working with Chanel and building a friendship. Talia and Chanel could become an item. Wendy and Tripp are definitely looking like a romance ready to explode, which leaves Johnny out in the cold. There is lots of happenings in Salem right now that will continue to move throughout the month as we near May Sweeps on “Days of Our Lives.”