SAN FRANCISCO—On August 4, Arctop, a San Francisco neurotech startup, announced their new product: Neuos™ Eureka.

Founded in 2016 by neuroscientist Dan Furman, Ph.D., and software engineer Eitan Kay, the company aims to develop the “best real-time brain decoding platform possible: an enabling piece of technology that could be plugged into the broader ecosystem to turn the world responsive to thoughts and emotions.”

On the company website, Neuos™ Eureka is described as a product that can “drive business outcomes with the power of neuroscience” by “making it easy to get research-grade audience analytics.”

At content producers can test their content using Eureka. Users upload a video to test, select their audience, and initiate. Qualified testers wear brain-sensing headbands while watching the uploaded content while tester’s “neuroscientific data” is recorded and analyzed by Arctop’s proprietary software. Reports on “key measurements of audience interest, enjoyment, and memory” are delivered back to the content producer.

According to research advertised on the company website, brain-based analytics have approximately 7-times the predictive power in comparison to analytics based on facial-coding.

Arctop’s long-term vision is to unlock “a whole new class of entertainment, health, training” and other applications that would “create radical new abilities in mankind.”