HELLO AMERICA!—Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger can’t wait for America to announce to the world ‘DONALD TRUMP YOU ARE FIRED!”  The former “Mr. Universe” giant doesn’t hesitate to speak his mind.  “We won’t stand for a rigged system anymore.  If the politicians want a re-election, they need to perform!”

Arnold easily admits he might not have been the best or greatest governor of California, but he seriously cared about the people and would never dismiss the needs of those who work night and day to survive.

“The country needs roads, railways, bridges, all of it and some to be fixed or restructured, simply for the safety of the public which were introduced during Obama’s last six years; he tried to convince Congress to work with him, they refused, wouldn’t even allow the bills to be introduced.  The idea of working together seems to have died in the legal chambers of our country. And the sad thing is, some of these people representing their communities and cities are approving laws which don’t serve the people’s interests. Worse yet, there are many in the entertainment industry who are supporting some of these guys who are simply sitting in the Senate and House of Representatives collecting a helluva salary for doing absolutely nothing except allowing hate to simmer.”

Reflecting on his film career after his stay as governor in California, he is just as candid concerning his feelings.

“Let’s face it,” he said, “I love films, especially if it involves action, and plenty of exercise which is something, everybody knows is how I made a name for myself in Hollywood. When you and I met when I lived in a two-room small apartment in Santa Monica that I told you how much I enjoyed any kind of challenge. I knew when I did my first film that I would be successful because I never believed that I could lose, my mind-set was always on winning. So, if you genuinely believe in your objective, you’re going to end up on top. Hey! It’s all in the mind, how you think! Erase any kind of doubts from your thoughts when you’re out there fighting to be recognized.  Believe me, that’s where the power comes from!”

Arnold admits that he is lucky to have buddies like Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone in his corner.

“All of us really got lucky at the same time, in the same kind of pictures, capturing an audience who really enjoyed all the fighting, combat scenes which they grew up seeing in comic books as kids. Let’s face it, no matter how old we get, that young kid is always somewhere inside of us. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Fantasy makes life more tolerable. When I go to the studio and put on those outrageous costumes and make up and look in the mirror at the transformation, I feel like the most powerful man in the world! Every guy needs that special moment of power.  I’m just lucky to be paid a fortune for my fantasy.”