HOLLYWOOD—Since the start of season four, fans of The CW hit “Arrow” have been eagerly waiting to find out just who was lying in that grave. Yes, our hero Oliver Queen was forced to bid adieu to yet another loved one in his quest to protect Starling City. This is a show that isn’t afraid to push the boundary. I mean that episode where his mother was killed was shocking, not to mention the season three mid-season finale where the viewers got the impression that Oliver was no more after being stabbed and falling off a mountainous cliff.

So who is in the grave? MAJOR SPOILERS people if you haven’t watched the episode turn away NOW!!!!


The episode opened with Diggle learning that his brother might be entangled with the wrong people, that being Malcolm Merlyn courtesy of Damien Darhk. Diggle, Laurel, Oliver and Thea discussed plans to nail Darhk once and for all, including preventing Malcolm’s involvement.

Yeah, it’s still hard to believe that Oliver was once the Mayor of Starling City. Looks like Laurel is moving up the power ladder. Being Black Canary at night, district attorney by day is no easy decision for Laurel to make, just as Thea realized her father is not a good person at all, and a battle ensured as Malcolm infiltrated the lair. It’s still hard to believe that Malcolm would fight his own daughter to do Darhk’s dirty work. Oliver and Laurel discussed the possibility that Andy could be playing the team. Well, Oli you’re right!

Damien and Merlyn bickered over the idol and their deal, which ensured his daughter’s safety. However, the idol was missing a crucial piece, and Damien was none too happy to say the least. Laurel took it upon herself to pay Damien a visit to ensure he wasn’t up to anything diabolical. Andy was furiously looking for something, but the Arrow spotted him and called him out on his double-crossing. Diggle arrived and pointed a gun at his pal. These two have battled it out before, but if anything happens to Andy it could be the end of Oli and Diggle’s relationship.

Wow, Diggle hit below the belt discussing the logistics of Oliver and Felicity’s fractured relationship. Darhk managed to cause a ruckus inside the prison, which forced Diggle, Oliver and Laurel to ensure the villain remains behind bars. The gang arrived and did battle with the criminals, just as Malcolm proved yet again that his allegiance is still up in the air. When Darhk got hold of a gun, he took aim at Andy which put the gang at a disadvantage. Wow, Oli was right, Andy betrayed the crew and handed over that final piece of the idol to the villain, but not before Thea fired multiple arrows into his chest and activated the idol regaining his power.

Damien got all preachy and stabbed Laurel in the chest with an arrow seriously wounding the Black Canary. I seriously have no idea how to explain the feeling I have right now. Laurel is a staple character and to see that her life hangs in the balance is a terrible feeling. Damien is unleashed yet again thanks to Malcolm and Andy’s double crossing. Felicity showed up to the hospital to be next to the team in there time of need. Laurel shared her love for the gang, just as Oli decided to stick by her bedside, as the two former lovers recalled happier times in life. She professed her love to Oliver, as it became apparent that time was indeed slipping away for Laurel, and she later passed.

That might be one of the most heartbreaking deaths on the show since Moira Queen passed away. The final moments saw Oli have a completed breakdown, just as Quentin discovered he had lost another daughter. Yes, death in Starling City is quite permanent people. Oliver might just be pushed to the point where he kills yet again, not only should Damien Darhk be worried, but so should Malcolm Merlyn and Andy Diggle. “Arrow” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on the CW.