HELLO AMERICA!—From her very first performance on “American Idol,” La’Porsha Renae who was an obvious listed finalist on the show caused millions of viewers to stop what they were doing and take in every musical sound she uttered.

It was the kind of “truth” which connects with people who long to connect with an artist who fully understood what they might be experiencing when issues of love, heartbreak, disappointment or even survival is an issue. La’Porsha quickly and very soulfully embraced their needs and the love affair began.

When first viewing the young singer born in 1994 in McComb, Mississippi, there were many who let La’Porsha know that she had to do something about her look, especially the “bush” hair style which didn’t do anything positive for her image as a performer. “It just didn’t photograph well, wasn’t flattering to her as a performer,” one of the Idol staff offered. “every performer who gets in front of the camera should understand the reality of what they are seeking, audience acceptance and approval.

If you’re stubborn and refuse to accept this, then you’re really in trouble. If you don’t make the audience love or care about you, then you’re going to have a rough time.” With this kind of honesty it made quite a difference when La’Porsha allowed the studio to experiment with her hairstyle as well as wardrobe. Americans began to take an even greater look at this young singer from the deep South.

Most viewers didn’t know or remember that La’Porsha auditioned for the Idol show at age 16 but didn’t receive a positive nod. She returned home, graduated from high school. She married a US Air Force serviceman, but it turned out to not be a positive move, she left him and moved to California but later decided to give the marriage a second chance and returned to Mississippi.

Sadly, there was nothing, but more abuse, even though she was pregnant with their daughter, Nayale. She finally, for fear of her life was able to escape to a shelter. That is when La’Porsha decided to audition again for Idol and it turned out being the best decision of her life.

La’Porsha quickly tells you that she totally admires singer-actress Fantasia who made a name for herself on Idol. “No matter what happened,” she said, “Fantasia didn’t let anything keep her down. The harder she fell the quicker she got up determined to push on. And that’s what I’m going to do. No matter what I have to face or change. After all, I can’t forget that I’m a mom, too and that’s definitely something REAL.”