HELLO AMERICA!—I have been receiving so many queries concerning our Pre-Broadway play with music “I Feel Sin Comin’ On” from tons of young people who live in big and small towns and cities from all over our country; it’s quite gratifying to know that so many young people in the arts. It’s true that our nation is in quite turmoil, but as long as our young people refuse to allow their dreams to die, there is hope, that’s for sure.

Our play, produced by Levi Miller, who is located in Atlanta is moving every possible stone to make the premiere of this project rather special in every way. It seems that every creative, political door is being opened in support of this artistic project. After all, the successful result is to enhance the much needed “arts educational base in that city,” something that every school’s art department is complaining about in our nation.

We have been fortunate to attract some well-known Hollywood artists who fully understand the condition of the arts not being funded as usual. In many colleges and public schools are suffering because of our government’s lack of interest, refusing to accept the reality that the arts are the basis for the growth and creative rhythm and thinking of any nation.

We are fortunate to have aboard sensitive artists such as Leon Isaac Kennedy, Wanda Lovejoy, Kurt Kelley-Kahn, as well as Marla Gibbs and Gloria Hendry waiting on the sideline when needed. Not only that several Motown artists are excited to take part in our “I Feel Sin” project.  It’s very exciting and it makes one know or believe that all is not lost in our industry or country, no matter how dark it seems at the moment. Believing is a powerful force, indeed! The opening of the play is July12-26, at the Rialto Center in Atlanta. TICKETS WILL GO ON sale very soon!

We are also in the process of preparing for filming the play which will be shot in Hollywood. Director, filmmaker, Michael Plaster is being set for the production.