HOLLYWOOD—After all the stress, the secrets and the players attempting to upend their wedding, Victoria Newman and Ashland Locke tied the knot on “The Young and the Restless.” Yes, people Ashland and Victoria are husband and wife, despite major interruptions from Billy Abbott, Nick Newman and Jesse Gaines. Nick wanted to play martyr, but Victor and Adam asked him to put his on interest aside and think about his sister’s happiness.

With that said, Nick agreed holding Jesse Gaines prisoner, after he was brought to Italy to cause issues for Ashland on his big day. I’ve said this before, Billy Abbott needs a storyline. Right now the guy has nothing going for him and his constant interference as of late in Victoria’s love life has annoyed fans alike. I mean you’re with Lily, shouldn’t she be your focus. I mean we finally saw Lilly start to question rather Billy still has a torch for Victoria.

Yeah, I’m starting to think Lily has a point, and I hope we don’t see a Victoria and Billy reunion, she has way better chemistry with Ashland and the narrative has been excellent as of late. Gaines wanted to blow up Ashland’s world, and recorded a video of Ashland’s crimes that he delivered to Billy and Lily, the two were not sure what to do and it seemed Billy was going to pull the trigger, but after talking with Nick, Adam and Victor issuing threats per usual, he deleted the video.

That pleased Ashland and Victoria, but that does NOT mean that video has disappeared fully. Something tells me it might still be lingering, and when the Moustache says he plans to take care of Jesse Gaines for Victoria and Ashland that can never be a good sign. Could we see a murder mystery in play? It is starting to look like it, and I can see the finger being pointed directly at Billy Abbott.

Victor has NEVER been a fan of Billy, and considering the titan thinks Adam did nothing wrong in the death of Billy’s daughter, Delia, you can understand why Billy has that tension with the Newman family, particularly father and son. Noah is back in tow and has returned to Genoa City, it looks like he is getting chummy with Tessa yet again, the same woman who cheated on him with his sister, Mariah. Don’t really know where things stand with these two, but my eyes are open to what could be happening in the near future.

Sally scored a major victory giving Victoria the wedding dress of her dreams, stunning her haters, Phyllis, Jack, Summer, Kyle and a host of others in the process. You might not like Sally Spectra, but one thing that is for sure, the girl is a damn fabulous designer people. Adam was charmed by her move and the sparks that I thought were fizzling out are starting to ignite again, much to Jack’s chagrin.

That brings me to the point that Sally has noticed the building bond between Phyllis and Jack. Will she use that to her advantage to blow up Phyllis’ world like the red head did to her? We shall see people. Heartache is headed in Abby’s orbit as new about Chance ripped her to pieces. Looks like Devon is about to step up in a major way for Dominic and Mariah might be brought back into the fold as a result people.