SAN FRANCISCO—Chaos broke out during the musical performance of “Hamilton” at San Francisco’s Orpheum theatre on Friday, February 15. Officials indicated that audience members confused a medical emergency for a shooting.

According to the Associated Press, a woman suffered from a heart attack and someone used an emergency defibrillator, activating an alarm at the same time that gunfire transpired onstage as part of the show’s duel scene, noted San Francisco Fire Department Spokesman Jonathan Baxter.

People reportedly heard that someone with a gun was inside the theatre. Audience members ran out of the theatre leading to at least three people being injured. The show later resumed after the confusion was cleared up.

The SFFD tweeted, “An adult had a medical emergency at the Orpheum Theater An AED was pulled which also triggered an alarm during the Hamilton Play. This resulted is confusion, and an un-organized rapid exit of the theater. During this process, 3 additional adults – were injured, one with a broken leg, and 2 with moderate injuries. @SFPD AND @SFFDPIO responded and confirmed that the incident was not an intentional act, and started the mitigation process. The @SF_emergency was also contacted and was standing by if needed.”

The Fire Department noted that 4 people were taken to area hospitals. “The patient who required an AED had a return of pulses with CPR and paramedic and remains in critical condition,” the SFFD tweeted.

Written By Hilary Dorsey and Casey Jacobs