HOLLYWOOD—Well, with February sweeps underway, nothing spells chaos like the return of a face from the past. Jordan Ridgeway, the woman who once was close to Rafe and is the sister of serial killer Ben Weston is back. Her return has been buzzed about for weeks, but the fact that she has flown into town with a mad mission to ‘protect’ those in Ben’s orbit is just baffling.

Why? It seems Ben has recovered, while Jordan is the one who has lost it. She kidnapped Ciara and is holding her captive in the cabin which was set ablaze, by the person I assume is Jordan. She later kidnapped Charlotte and has her stored away at the cabin also.. Either Jordan seriously thinks Ben is still dangerous or she is the one off her rocker. I mean she has everyone fooled; Abigail didn’t expect anything was up with her friend, but Ben does sense something is off with his sister.

Ben is indeed being railroaded by his sister, which is twisted to say the least, not to mention the fact that he is starting to spiral which only reiterates what everyone already suspects of him. He realized he was being set-up when he found Ciara’s cellphone in his drawer. However, Ciara did not just sit and wait, she put up a fight with Jordan who was determined to eliminate Ciara, but setting the cabin on fire. So who would come to her rescue? None other than Ben: her knight in shining armor, who rescued his love, and with the help of Chad, saved Baby Charlotte. Ben was so determined he pulled a gun on Hope to ensure he made the move to rescue Ciara after realizing that Jordan was behind kidnapping Charlotte and Ciara.

However, the one hiccup in Jordan’s plan is Kate Roberts; Kate was onto Jordan’s wild behavior and she found herself drugged and left for dead. Lucky for her, Rafe returned back to town and rescued Kate. Hmm, this will be an interesting dynamic when Jordan is busted considering Rafe once held a torch for her.

It looks like the writers crafted this tale to give Ben his redemption arc, yet he is still responsible for murdering three people, one of those individuals being Paige, Eve’s daughter. Speaking of Eve, she is still spinning her web of deception to Jack, where she discovered that JJ is harboring an illegal immigrant. JJ was concerned his father would spill the beans and he has, which has Even pushing Jack to shout the truth to the world. Hmm, I wonder how JJ and Haley will respond to that news considering they shared their first kiss. It was a passionate one to say the least America.

So much for the notion of Tripp and Haley having something, and with news of Olivia Keegan Rose (Claire) leaving Salem, as well as Tripp, it looks like JJ might finally have found love again. Stefan and Chloe are getting closer, which is causing Brady to fume. Rex and Sarah’s relationship has made leaps and bounds, but there is still one major thorn: Eric. Sarah is drawn to him, and Eric is doing everything in his power to resist, but temptation is hard. There was one more bomb dropped: Diana told John that Leo is his son! Hmm, how true is that claim, John Black be smart and do a DNA test to be certain.

I’ll be honest “Days” has to wrap this Ben/Ciara Cabin Fire storyline because it has gotten slightly old in my opinion. I’d much prefer an update on those other patients that Dr. Rolf had in his possession and who Kristen DiMera alluded to. Things are constantly changing on “Days of Our Lives” soap lovers.