HOLLYWOOD—So last week we learned that Eve Donovan was the person who kidnapped Ben Weston after that explosive wedding and has been holding him hostage on “Days of Our Lives.” I was not surprised by the reveal, but I am surprised with her latest plan. She has been torturing her foe to get him to understand what she has experienced as a direct result of him murdering her daughter. Yes, Eve cannot fathom living a life without her daughter Paige and its completely understandable America. She lost a daughter and that is something that is irreplaceable so it’s only fitting she wants Ben to suffer for his actions.

Her master plan involves drugging Ben so that he attempts to murder his new wife Ciara. Wicked, without a doubt, will it work, that is a big question. With that said, Ben did get rescued courtesy of information Chloe delivered to Sean, Hope, Ciara and Claire. They know Eve is the culprit, but have not been able to locate her just yet. Vincent is a threat people because he’s a protégé of Dr. Rolf, the man who is responsible for bringing several Salemites back from the dead: Will, Jack, EJ and Vivian to name a few people. So it looks like the Necktie Killer could potentially return to Salem and that would be intriguing to say the least.

The other big drama of the hour is the tale involving Allie and her baby boy. After an argument with Sami, Allie went into labor. Allie was so upset she didn’t even want her mother in the room when she gave birth. That had to be a devastating blow for Sami. Especially, knowing her nemesis, Nicole, who stole her child has become her daughter’s ally. Yeah, I don’t see how people overlook what Nicole did. It was damn devious and it’s like what Flo did to Hope on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Yes, Nicole has reformed since giving birth to Holly, but your past is something you can never change or erase.

Nicole is hoping Allie considers keeping her baby boy, but Sonny and Will are hoping the adoption still goes thru, but with Sami in the shadows working her magic, it might be working. How so? Allie did not sign those adoption papers that Will and Sonny presented to her. With that said, it seems Allie might want to keep her baby thanks to Nicole or she still thinks Rafe is the best fit. There is also that situation at the DiMera mansion involving Chad, Gwen, Jake and Gabi. Gwen and Jake have made the place their home, much to Gabi’s chagrin and we know how wicked Gabi can be to get what she wants. Jake is NOT her hubby, but the two are developing a bond people.

That can be echoed with Chad and Gwen who are becoming quite chummy. We all thought Chad was fully committed to Abigail, but I’m not so sure about that anymore people. Temptation is there and it looks like it is having an impact on Chad’ behavior and antics, especially when his wife is mentally fighting an illness that is difficult to fight. Just to place a bit more salt on the wound, we have confirmation that Camila Banus is out, as is Olivia Rose Keegan. It is starting to feel like a blood bath at “DOOL.” I mean we also have Galen Gering, Kristin Alfonso and Greg Vaughn are also exiting the soap. I would be lying if I told you all these exits didn’t worry me America.