HOLLYWOOD—So it didn’t take the writers long to drop that bomb on “General Hospital.” There was indeed a reason Austin was so immersed with Michael and the Quartermaine family: he is a Quartermaine people! That’s right, Austin is just another person you can add to the list of long lost Quartermaines. He is the grandson of Edward courtesy of his illegitimate son Jimmy Lee Holt. So not only is Austin a doctor, but a Quartermaine, that is a double whammy people.

Could Austin have ulterior motives beyond getting his share of the Quartemaine fortune? I sure hope so otherwise his arrival in town is a complete bummer people. Too bad Austin has not connected the dots between Maxie, Brook Lynn and baby Louise aka Bailey. He was there when the birth switch transpired, but Austin is indeed getting chummy with Ava. I see a budding romance people, much to Nikolas’ chagrin. Yeah, Nikolas and Ava are moving forward with their divorce amidst the threats.

Nikolas was happy to see Spencer back in town who has been shadowing as Victor. Victor is someone that has only met with Trina so far, but he came face-to-face with Josslyn and Cameron and his true identity, was confirmed to Trina. Spencer you are not as clever as you think in your plan to break up your father’s marriage. Trina is a wise one and knows something is not right, all she has to do is connect the dots and realize that Spencer is Ava’s stalker people.

I mean you let it slip that you knew about the cockroach that Ava received at the restaurant, which got Nikolas’ brain spinning people and not in the best way. He suspects his son might be up to no good and if the truth comes out, I wonder how Nikolas will react. To be honest, the kid learned from the best, so his father should not be heartbroken, by the revelation.

Valentin and Anna are still searching for Peter, while becoming closer in the progress. They came into contact with the brother of ‘Chloe Jennings’ which saw Valentin come to Anna’s aide. They learned that Peter was NEVER picked up via helicopter from the hospital so that will force Anna to revisit her initial suspicions which were thwarted by Liz and Finn. They know someone was else was on the roof with Peter and someone who dresses sharp, Anna’s knows in her gut, she just has to push a bit farther to realize that person was Finn people. However, Jason learned more this week about what Liz has been keeping secret so he knows that Peter might not be a threat anymore, but it involves Liz and Finn getting closer people. Romance alert.

If Valentin and Anna just look at a bit closer, they will realize that Peter’s ‘body’ has been under their nose the entire time. If you didn’t see him leave the hospital, it is apparent that he is still in the hospital. Peter has to be alive people; there is no way the writers are pushing this mystery without some sort of twist in the process.

I mean Anna was mere inches from coming face-to-face with Sonny aka Mike. I mean if she had just waited a few more seconds, she could have blown this silly storyline sky high. Why? This silliness involving Nina, Mike aka Sonny is dragging. Lenny is desperately ill, and I thought Nina’s return to Port Charles was going to explode with Mike making a surprise appearance leaving everyone aghast.

However, I know think things will be dragged to the point that Mike and Nina might be preparing to walk down the aisle or plan to take their relationship to the next level before the truth actually explodes. Maybe November sweeps if the audience is lucky. Nina does have her hands full keeping secrets, now that Maxie spilled the beans that Bailey is her daughter before leaving town to prevent the truth from being exposed.

Chase has recovered after being poisoned even though he has no movement in his legs and is married to Willow who is in love with Michael, but they are trying to keep that secret out of necessity. I sense when that truth comes out, that will led to a Brook Lynn and Chase hookup, and Chase is already taking those frustrations out on Willow, solidifying her bond to Michael more.

However, the tale to watch is the release of Shawn Butler thanks to Alexis Davis. TJ and Molly are ecstatic, but you know who is not: Nikolas Cassadine! I totally forgot that Nikolas was responsible for shooting Hayden all those years back and he was also responsible for her latest disappearance. Shawn wants to find the real shooter, and whew when this truth comes out Nikolas is going to be in for a devastating blow and Laura will discover her son is not as reformed as people think. Something tells me the wicked Nikolas Cassadine fans have come to adore is about to come out to play to ensure his secret stays a secrets “General Hospital” fans! Good times ahead people.