SAN FRANCISCO—This week, officers from the San Francisco Police Department Tenderloin Station continued to make progress in arresting active drug dealers.  From Saturday, November 10 thru Wednesday, November 14, authorities arrested six men linked to drug dealing in the region.

Officers arrested Kenneth McCurry, 25, for possession of 96 bindles of meth, cocaine, and heroin.  He was armed with a brass knuckle at the time of arrest.

On November 10, a team of officers narrowed in on drug dealers at Grove and Larkin. Due to their operation, they were able to arrest fugitive Anthony Biglow, 31 and confiscate 156 bindles (roughly 39 grams) of fentanyl, heroin, and meth from Biglow upon his arrest.

Authorities indicated that they were narrowing in on those selling heroin within the district, stating that they booked three men over the weekend for the crime. Christian Gonzalez-Galea, Lester Contreras, and Guillermo Antonio Hernandez-Escobar were all taken into custody o Hyde Street.