SAN FRANCISCO—Officers from the San Francisco Police Department Tenderloin Station made progress this past week in arresting fugitives and parolees at large.

On Sunday, November 11 at about 3:40 a.m., officers arrested Vincent Chan, 38, on the cross street of Eddy and Leavenworth. Chan, a convicted felon was armed at the time of his arrest. He had a 9 mm stolen pistol in his possession when he was taken into custody by authorities.  

On Wednesday, November 14, the SFPD Tenderloin Station tweeted their success in catching four fugitives that were wanted by the San Bernardino County, CDC Parole, San Mateo, and San Francisco courts.  All of the suspects were located on the blocks of Eddy, Market, Hyde, and Turk Streets. They names of those suspects have not yet been disclosed to the public. 

Some Twitter users were concerned about rather the suspects would be released soon. MJ Paul tweeted, “Will he be released tomorrow on his #OR, as per usual?” A total of 69 suspects were arrested in the past week by authorities.