HOLLYWOOD—I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t help myself people! The past 2 weeks of the ABC soap “General Hospital” has been so juicy good, this is what you expect when you think of May sweeps. Those simmering storylines finally come to a head, delivering sensational acting along the way. Maura West is one hell of an actress people. There is a reason this woman has 3 Daytime Emmy awards. She was a force to be reckoned with on the now departed CBS soap “As the World Turns,” and her work on “General Hospital” seems to elevate each year.

After months of keeping that bombshell of a secret involving the tampering with Morgan Corinthos’ pills, the jig is finally up. Yup, Sonny and Carly learned the dirty truth and decided to confront their enemy with vengeance. It was terrific acting from Maurice Benard, Laura Wright and West, who portrays that best female villain on Daytime TV right now in Ava Jerome.

With the walls closing in, Ava was forced to acknowledge her involvement in the events leading up to Morgan’s demise. I mean West conveyed a bevy of emotions including shock, despair, hate, fear and ultimately rage when she shattered that lantern onto the ground igniting a fiery explosion to protect her from her enemies. Why is this of value people? Well, it looks like Ava might pay for her crimes, but not in death, while not yet anyway. We already know Carly has a vicious tongue, but Sonny that guy holds onto vengeance in a way that no one else does. If he says he is going to kill you, it’s very likely it will happen, just not when you expect it.

I’m certain the writers know how valuable of an asset that Maura West is to the series, so I don’t see this lady vacating anytime soon, plus there is still plenty to this story to be unraveled. I can’t wait to witness the moment that Ava’s daughter, Kiki learns what her mother did to Morgan. That confrontation will not be only intense; it might be game-changing when it comes to family dynamics. Not to mention, what that might do to her relationship with Dillon Quartermaine people.

It wouldn’t be fair for me to not mention the culmination of the Chimera Project. Last week, little Jake finally opened his magic trick and the hands of Helena Cassadine, who’s programming has inflicted the kid in ways that not even Liz, Jason or Franco could imagine. Jason realized while being held captive by Helena, not only did she want to make him a killer, but his son as well. And at the current moment it looks like Helena is winning the battle. After weeks of trying to figure out Valentin’s angle in the mess, Anna learned that her nemesis sold the Chimera Project to Helena. He had his reasons, as the money he earned helped transform him into the man that he is today.

However, when little Jake pulled out that canister it horrified everyone in the room including Franco, Liz, Jason, Anna, but Valentin more than anyone else. It appears Valentin knows just how deadly this toxin is if it’s released, and by all due accounts, it seems Jake is about to unleash Helena’s master plan from beyond the grave. I mean how can a woman who has been dead for what seems like a 1-2 years still be creating this much havoc from beyond the grave. I guess what they say is true, evil never truly dies.

I still think there is more going on here that has yet to be revealed to viewers. I’m guessing in the coming weeks, we will learn more about Jason and Jake’s captivity while in Helena’s clutches that are likely to have ripple effects that most of Port Charles never expected.