HOLLYWOOD—Everyone is capable of redemption, but sometimes in the soap world, once you’re evil you are always evil. The world of “General Hospital” proves this theory all too well in my opinion, when you have mobsters like Sonny Corinthos, Jason Morgan, Julian Jerome and Ava Jerome get away with murder day in and day out. Yes, I can make that claim because each of these characters have committed dastardly deeds, yet have never truly faced the music for their crimes.

After years of causing utter chaos in Port Charles, Ava Jerome was busted during May sweeps for her involvement in the pill switcheroo that left Sonny and Carly’s son Morgan, spiraling out of control, ultimately leading to his death. When cornered, she screamed and shouted, but to make the situation worse, she started a fire with a lantern, and with the snap of a finger, her world was forever changed. How? Well, she was horribly burned on her face. So much to the point that Ava became a recluse, making the situation worse was the fact that she didn’t face any repercussions for her involvement in Morgan’s death.

Well, if there was ever a time for Ava to seek redemption now would be the time. Good ole Valentin, just when the viewers suspect he has turned over a new leaf, we discover he is up to his old tricks yet again. He is deftly afraid of Ava testifying against him about his role in Nikolas Cassadine’s demise. To cover his tracks, he delivers a miracle to Ava that she can’t refuse: the opportunity to restore her face back to normal. However, she would have to travel overseas to a special clinic that helped restore Valentin to the man that he has become today.

Once inside the clinic, Ava has an odd interaction with Patient 6, a man who has been deemed Uber dangerous, unstable and not to be talked to. She has continually attempted to help Patient 6, and has been warned on multiple occasions: refrain from engaging with Patient 6 or she will be booted from the facility. Come on people, this is Ava Jerome, when you tell her not to do something, that just makes her want to do it that much more. She finally makes leeway with Patient 6, who we all know is Jason Morgan, who writes down a phone number with a PC area code. I’m guessing that number is to Sam, but as it turns out it was SONNY! I mean watching Patient 6 in action as he took on several orderlies was absolute fun. I mean no one has battled that ferocious “General Hospital” faves besides Jason.

And when Sonny received that call it only got his wheels churning that much more to find out who was contacting him for Russia. He had Brick on the job, just as Griffin suggest it was Ava contacting him (however, that is a number that Sonny ONLY gives to very close people in his circle) and Ava is no friend of his. Why was one of Valentin’s henchmen so desperate to find out Patient 6’s connection to Sonny Corinthos? I think the bigger question of the hour is what role Valentin plays in all of this, and why in the world is he so concerned with keeping Patient 6 at the facility? After being restrained in his room, he managed to get hold of a paperclip from Ava which led to a manhunt as he escaped from the premises.

It was interesting to see Betsy share with Franco all the juicy details about the twin twist. Heather brought Franco to Betsy because of her desire to want to be mother. However, Susan, who was pregnant, was not carrying one bundle of joy, but two. She was fearful of the outcome, especially after the revelation that Alan Quartermaine was on her tail. To protect herself, Susan kept Jason, and gave up Drew. So we at long last have a name people: DREW!

So this guy who is in a hospital bed fighting for his life, with Sam by his side is Drew, not Jason. Oh, this is going to shake up PC in ways that we can never imagine. Sam has fallen in love her for former flames twin brother, Sonny, Carly, Michael, Liz and so many others have come to accept Drew as Jason, so imagine what transpires, when the original Jason returns to Port Charles with his original face intact.

So as a kid, Franco’s imaginary friend was Drew, and that she was blackmailed by Heather to keep her mouth shut or else. However, Betsy dropped a bomb when she revealed that Drew died. So all that time Franco was certain he interacted with Jason as a kid, he was actually interacting with the Jason who is in a hospital bed fighting to survive after being shot.

However, he decided to keep that news about Drew and Jason’s secret brother to himself. I was certain he would spill the beans to Liz and Sam, but Betsy promised him to keep things tight-lipped. Well, that is for now, because I’m certain Jason’s medical condition will get worse, which will lead to Franco spilling the shock news to Jason and all those in his inner circle.

It looks like the REAL Jason Morgan could arrive in Port Charles in the coming weeks because Ava Jerome did the right thing and helped Patient 6 escape from that facility. Now, the question of the hour is what will happen to Ava if the facility and Valentin discover she played a role in his escape? I am very eager to see how things will play out “General Hospital” fans!