Barbeques And Fireworks!



4th of July

HOLLYWOOD—Only a few days away, it will be the 4th of July. Picnics, parades, barbeques and fireworks will be everywhere in our country. It is the day Americadeclared our independence.  The dream of a free and equal people that burned brightly in the hearts of our forefathers back in 1776. The love of freedom that is expressed everyday by Americans who love this country and the principals it stands for and represents. This hard fought freedom, is what we hold close to our hearts and what the meaning of the 4th of July truly is, this great independence. Many municipalities will be providing fireworks for the entertainment of their citizens. While, other cities are blaming it on the budget, other mayors are blaming it on the destruction of Hurricane Sandy that hit New Jersey back in October 2012 and cancelling fireworks.

Food Network superstar Bobby Flay is showing his support to the Jersey Shore with a “throwdown” style cook-off with another chef to help boost awareness of the Jersey Shore’s recovery on June 27. The cook-off will not be taped for the Food Network. Bobby Flay owns four Bobby’s Burgers Palaces and a Bobby Flay Steak at the Borgata in Atlantic City. His latest book is titled “Bobby Flay’s Barbecue Addiction,” which offers an array of recipes including grilled corn with flavored butters. The book is co-authored with Stephanie Banyas and Sally Jackson and is very well done. The recipes are very creative and easy-to-follow and the book is well-written. There are literally 150 recipes and 100 full-color pictures, which show the finished dishes. There are chapters on salads and sides, starters, fish and more. His new book includes a chapter on cocktails, which is perfect for entertaining on the deck or backyard.  A definite-must-read for those who love to grill or those who are just getting started.

While Food Network star Paula Deen is facing a whirlwind of controversy since reports surfaced that she admitted to using racial slurs. Her sons Bobby and Jamie Deen, who rode their mother’s apron strings to their own food network stardom, are coming to her defense, even in the wake that she admitted using the N-word in the past. Except for an apology video released last week, Paula Deen has not spoken publicly about the scandal. She broke her silence on the “Today,” show with Matt Lauer on June 26. During the 13-minute interview, she did reference a previous apology on YouTube. She said in her video, she wanted “to learn and grow from this” in one of her three YouTube videos, Deen told Lauer that she “is what she is.” The Food Network won’t be renewing the contract of celebrity chef Paula Deen which will come to an end this month because of the scandal.

One of Hollywood’s biggest producers and “Star Wars: creator George Lucas began celebrating early, with his marriage to longtime girlfriend Mellody Hobson in a weekend ceremony at Skywalker Ranch, north of San Francisco, according to published reports. It is the second wedding for the 69-year-old “Star Wars” creator. Lucas was married to film editor, Marcia from 1969 to 1983. Hobson, who is 44-years old is an investment-firm president and an analyst for CBS News; this is her first marriage. The couple have been together for seven years. Former U.S. Senator Bill Bradley walked the bride down the aisle. The ceremony which took place on June 22 was performed by journalist Bill Moyers, who was once a Baptist minister. Some of Hollywood’s guest list included filmmakers Ron Howard and Steven Spielberg.

Rose’s Scoop: Broadway dimmed their lights on June 26  on the Great White Way in memory of James Gandolfini’s death. Gandolfini earned a Tony nomination for best actor for 2009’s “God of Carnage,” and he got one of his first breaks playing Stanley Kowalski’s poker buddy Steve Hubbell in the 1992 revival of “A Streetcar Named Desire.” The funeral took place on June 27, in New York City at the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine.

Wishing Everyone a happy, safe 4th of July!

By Rose Quintiliano