“Big Brother 15” New Rules, New Players

“Big Brother”

HOLLYWOOD—When it comes to a TV guilty pleasure nothing captures the audience’s attention like CBS’s “Big Brother.”  Its hard to fathom the reality hit has been airing since 2000.  Yep, that’s a little over 13 years and it’s the show that keeps the audience coming back year after year no matter how many times we say we’ll never come back.

Last season was one of the best in my opinion since Season 13 and Season 6, which saw Dan, become the ultimate manipulator and perhaps one of the greatest players in “Big Brother” history, next to Will Kirby.  Unfortunately, CBS listened to viewer complaints and it’s a whole new ball game this time around with fresh faces entering the house.

No past players this time around, but it’s indeed a larger number of houseguest than before.  This time 16 unsuspecting players will enter the game in an attempt to outwit, outsmart, backstab and deceive other houseguest in a goal to claim the $500,000 prize.

This summer is expected to be unlike any other, as host Julie Chen has indicated it will be a summer full of surprises and twists.  For starters, the public will get to influence the game unlike any other.  Each week viewers will get the opportunity to award a special power to one of the players in the game, and we’ve already been promised that this will be a floater-free season.  Trust me floaters are no fun, if you’re not playing the game why are you here?  We’ve had countless houseguests in the past seasons sit around and do nothing.  Anyone remember Jenn from last season or Adam from season 13?

The only problem with this newfound power is ensuring that the same player doesn’t get it each week otherwise it makes the game quite boring to say the least.  Season 13 was a complete bore until Danielle shook up the game which pissed off everyone, but she quite frankly saved that season, and to see fan favorite Jeff get the boot was the most shocking exit in BB history.  So here’s hoping more of that happens.

So with the viewers already watching their every move, but also rewarding great game play, floaters should be frightened this season.  In addition, for the first time ever, two houseguests will not be up for eviction each week, it’ll be 3 people!  Yeah, it’s nothing stellar, but it depends on how the producers plan to use this new tool to their advantage, perhaps it can alternate between sending 1 to 2 people home each week.  That will indeed catch the houseguests by surprise. The big twist is the Most Valuable Player voted each week by America will nominate the third houseguest, but here’s the twist: the MVP will remain anonymous. That’s sweet that can do all the dirty work without getting any blood on their hands.

The series is indeed premiering a week or two earlier this year than in the past, but I have this inkling that the powers that be will likely allow viewers to see one familiar face return to the staple grounds.  I mean its been nearly eight seasons since we last had an all-star season, and its time for us to see another one of those, perhaps we do a winners only season.  How many of us actually remember the houseguest who actually won the award except for Will Kirby, Dick Donato or Rachel Reilly.  All the other memorable houseguests the public loves, never got a chance at the top prize.

Speaking of Rachel Reilly her sister has been cast on this season.  Here’s hoping her laugh is not anywhere close to as annoying as Rachel’s.  So who do you think will make to the end this season beginning placing your bets it’s sure to be an interesting summer!  “Big Brother 15” airs Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays on CBS.

By LaDale Anderson