SAN FRANCISCO—BART launched a free and advanced smart device application that can help users plan daily trips while being updated with the latest advisories in real time.

The app includes a BART fare calculator that allows users to find fare for any one-way or round trip using the trip planner tab located in the center towards the bottom of you screen.

According to the BART website, there are up to 31 different transit operators that allows personalized itineraries for riders. BART App users can create a personal account for customized profiles that allow the user to save trips, fares and more.

Creating a profile can be done after downloading the app at no extra cost. Riders can then use their profile to personalize preferences and save any trips to their favorites tab, similar to contacts on a smartphone.

According to the official BART website, “The app unlocks the potential for a seamless connection between all modes of transportation and gives the user everything they need to navigate a trip in one place” said Bart Board President Robert Raburn. The app is compatible for Android and iPhone devices. 

For Android users the app is available in the Google Play Store and iPhone users can find it in the App Store.