HOLLYWOOD—Just when the audience thinks Gabi Hernandez (I am now secretly rooting against her) might take a fall, she gets a victory on “Days of Our Lives.” After Chad decided to kidnap Abigail and helped deliver her new baby girl, Charlotte, he turned the tables on his love and had her committed. This might bode well for Gabi, but only temporarily because Stefan knows her secret.

This sets up an interesting dynamic because Stefan knows he could lose Abigail, but Gabi still has an ace up her sleeve because Stefan has no idea that Chad is actually the FATHER of Abigail’s baby. Gabi loves having this power, but she is getting sloppy, gloating to Kate, who is trying to be loyal to Chad, but has yet to spill the beans.

As a viewer, we know that truth is going to come out courtesy of feisty Julie (thanks “DOOL” for giving us that teaser), who teams up with the original Abigail (welcome back Kate Mansi, cause I missed you). Abigail knowing she was set-up goes on attack against Gabi, which doesn’t help her case, but I sense the truth about this whole fiasco really won’t explode until later in the year, but I could be wrong America. It was a nice cat fight to say the least, but Chad has to be in the worst predicament ever because Jenn is livid at him, Abigail hates him and the guy has no idea, the baby Abigail just gave birth to is his daughter!

“Days of Our Lives” felt like a blood bath in the recent week with Rex, Lucas and Sonny, all leaving town. Now, let’s point out Sonny is not leaving the show, he has a hot story coming up involving the return of Leo from the dead. However, I’m bummed about Rex; the guy just came back to down and audiences were introduced to Sarah and that relationship blew up, and now he’s off to visit Gigi and his daughter.

Lucas is broken-hearted about Bonnie and Gigi’s duplicity, and well we might as well usher Paul out because he’s leaving Salem as well. Whew, that’s a lot to take in, but I’m certain we’ll maybe see some of these characters in the near future, but no time soon. This is good news for Sonny and Will who can resume where they left off, but the fact that Kate’s role in Leo’s arrival is about to explode and we could see Kate and Victor go to battle in a major way. However, this might be good news for Kate. Why? Stefan no longer has leverage over her nor does Gabi, so she is safe to tell Chad and the others Gabi’s role in Abigail’s current predicament.

The other hot tale is the truth finally coming out that Tripp was responsible for framing Ben with that evidence. Do I believe everyone deserves a second chance? Yes, but we’re talking about Ben Weston. The guy murdered several people and that’s not something you can simply forget about, so why Ciara is so drawn to the guy I will never know beyond his looks. Claire is a schemer and as much as I despise the character, she makes compelling TV dipping her toe into multiple schemes to get what she wants. In this case, she wants Tripp, whose relationship with Ciara has evolved, but it looks like a major crash, after Wyatt confessed the truth to Ben, who then told Ciara.

Ciara and Ben have been dancing around a potential relationship for weeks, and it looks like things are about to change now that the truth has been exposed in a major way. If I’m giving out an award to the soap delivering the best surprises for November sweeps it goes to “Days of Our Lives” and with that teaser letting viewer’s in on what to come, how Jack Deveraux returns from the dead has me intrigued to the core and I cannot wait to see this tale unraveled.