HOLLYWOOD—Well, the time has come, and for once I’d make the argument that I wish it hadn’t come so soon! Yes, the A&E hit “Bates Motel” came to an epic end on Monday during the fifth season. The series which exploded onto the small screen back in 2013 was sensational TV. That first season delivered Emmy-worthy performances by both Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore. The fourth season dropped a bomb on audiences with the death of Norma Bates (Farmiga) courtesy of Norman (Highmore).

While Norma is dead, she was still very much a massive element of season five. Norman’s psyche was tortured by his alter ego, ‘Norma,’ and his urge to kill and resist his sexual temptations. This season has been full of twisted moments including that infamous shower scene, but instead of Marion Crane (Rihanna) meeting her maker, it was Sam Loomis (Austin Nichols) that came face-to-face with a butcher knife. Things culminated with Norman’s attempt to take out his brother, Dylan (Max Thieriot), but in a moment of restraint pulled himself together and turned himself into authorities.

Behind a jail cell, all seemed well, but with Alex Romero (Nestor Carbonell) seeking vengeance against Norman for Norma’s death, he committed the ultimate sin: he took Norman hostage. The final episode, ‘The Cord’ kicked off with Norman still proving his tongue is as reckless as ever as he traded barbs with Alex. Dylan was stunned to learn that Norman was kidnapped by Alex and that his brother’s death might be imminent. Hmm, what a development to see Dylan in actual defense of his brother’s twisted, and violent history!

Alex was determined to locate Norma’s body, but Norman continued to press buttons that led to constant assaults and death was the endgame people. Alex resorted to beating Norman to a pulp after retrieving Norma’s body from the snow covered grave. Unfortunately, he never expected Norman to gain the upper hand. Not surprised to say the least people, Norman killed Alex! Norman begged ‘Norma’ to stay with him, but with the truth unearthed it was time for her to vacate.

Norman dreamt that his idyllic life was back to normal, but the audience knew it was only a figment of his imagination. He was simply recreating their first move to Oregon all those years ago. It resulted in him bringing his mother’s corpse back to the Bates Motel. It looks like Dylan was ready to take out Norman to halt him from killing anyone else, especially Emma and his daughter. Wow, to see Norman reopen the motel as if nothing ever happened is evident how twisted his mind truly is. In the midst of the motel’s re-opening, a family of three checked-in, which left viewers questioning if Norman’s mind would venture to dark places yet again. Norman gave Dylan a call alerting him that he was fine and that ‘mother’ was ready for a fresh start. It became clear to Dylan that Norman’s memories have been fragmented.

Norman planned the perfect dinner to reunite his family: Dylan and Norma. Unfortunately, it was a dinner that took Dylan by a major surprise to say the least. He was hesitant to enter the abode, but made a call to Emma to update her on the situation. Emma was adamant that Dylan warn the authorities. It was apparent the writers were heading in a direction that could bring heartache to the audience. That conversation was heartbreaking to say the least, but with gun in tow it was apparent blood was about to be spilled, either Norman’s or Dylan’s. Dylan gets the MVP award for warning that family of 3 to get out while they can and they heeded his advice.

Dylan entered the home in hesitation, but when older brother spotted his mother’s corpse at the dinner table it left him speechless, disturbed and sick to the stomach. He did his best to reason with Norman, but he became agitated, and failed to acknowledge that his beloved mother is DEAD! Wow, the level of acting from Max Thieriot was fantastic in this episode; heartfelt, brutally honest and stinging to the core.

Norman picked up a large knife, just as Dylan armed himself with his gun, where it became apparent a duel was about to transpire between both brothers. It was apparent Norman wanted to be with Norma, and egged his brother to reunite him with his mother, even though Dylan did all in his power to prevent it. Unlike the movie, Norman Bates did not get to continue to unleash mayhem, because the villain met his maker. Authorities discovered Romero’s body, just as the Bates Motel was put on the market for sale. However, the bigger question to acknowledge is why in the world would anyone want to purchase that property?

Well, for such a dark and twisted show, it was apparent a happy ending was delivered to the audience courtesy of Dylan, Emma and their daughter. “Bates Motel” is proof that while the big adaptation will never come close to “Psycho” it delivered one hell of an epic take that was riveting from start to finish.