HOLLYWOOD—The episode picked up right where its predecessor left off with Norman (Freddie Highmore), Norma (Vera Farmiga) and Dylan (Max Theirot) explaining what happened with Deputy Shelby (Mike Vogel) and Keith Summers to Sheriff Romero (Nestor Carbonell). Sheriff Romero fabricated a story to cover the deaths of Keith Summers and Deputy Shelby. To say that this surprised Norman, Norma and Dylan would be an understatement.  Just why would the Sheriff cover up two murders? I have an inkling he may be more involved in some shady dealings than what he wants people to find out.

Norma was a bit frustrated with Dylan’s decision to move out; after all of the crazy things this family has endured in the previous weeks.  He still seemed determined to find his own way, which fueled Norma’s rage.  She’s just beginning to bond a relationship with her eldest son who has despised his mother in the past.

She unleashed a bit of rage on her eldest child. Dylan came face-to-face with a mysterious man who was asking about the whereabouts of Keith Summers. This mystery man sure looks like big trouble, if I was Dylan I’m not sure if I would have revealed so much information to a complete stranger, who ended up staying at the hotel making the Bates a happy family with their first customer. Normanis a bit lost with where his relationship stands with Bradley (Nicola Peltz) who appears quite distant.  Either she’s afraid to showcase Norman to her friends or she realizes she made a huge mistake.

This actually presents great news for Emma (Olivia Cooke) who has a crush on Norman.  I must say the two look good together, but Norman doesn’t reciprocate the same feelings for Emma, which Norma vividly sees.  I like the burgeoning relationship between Emma and Norma.  It’s almost like the daughter she wishes she had.  On a trip out on the town, Norma finally gets to see this mysterious Bradley that Norman has talked about for weeks.  Norma realizes that she knows “that girl” and her flashback proves that she could be trouble for her son.

Norma has an important talk with Norman about sex that makes him a bit embarrassed.  She thinks that Bradley is trouble, but Norman explains otherwise, which fuels his rage as he storms out of the house in a fury to visit Bradley to get the stance on their relationship.  Bradley admits to Norman that what they did was a mistake and that she doesn’t reciprocate the same feelings for him as he has for her.  This absolutely stuns Norma.  He is furious; I was literally scared for Bradley as I thought Norman was about to snap and physically harm Bradley.  He called her a “not so nice girl” and storms off into the darkness and a daze.

I didn’t think it was a bright idea for Bradley to chase after Norman at such an emotional time, but she did.  She apologized for her actions and gave Norman a hug.  He walked home and had his spirits raised high at the site of his pup, but the night went from bad to worse as the do was ran over by a car.  A distraught Norman cried for help and asked his mom to help take the pup to Emma’s father.  The audience is well aware, but Norman is a bit in denial.

The Bates Motel is not the best with new customers because word is around town that bad things have happened at the property, but thankfully the mystery man in room #9 stayed and brought in some business.  Norma was pleased when he set-up a monthly negotiation to reserve an entire floor of rooms each time he visits for his colleagues in “sales.”  He’s hiding much more than the audience knows which makes me quite frightened for Norma, Norman and Dylan.  The small town ofWhite Pinehas many secrets, and the residents are not as forthcoming with revealing those things.  “Bates Motel” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on A&E.

By LaDale Anderson