HOLLYWOOD—Now, that’s what you call an epic season finale!  “Bates Motel” wrapped its first season with two deaths, a revelation and a cliff hanger that audiences will eagerly await an answer for come season two. “Midnight” opened with a frantic Norma (Vera Farmiga) pulling every possible string possible to come up with the cash to give to her elusive stalker, Jake Abernathy.  Sheriff Romero (Nestor Carbonell) informed the frantic Norma that he would take care of the situation, leading me to suspect that he is connected to the weird happenings in White Pine Bay that he doesn’t want others to find out by.

Norman (Freddie Highmore) and Emma (Olivia Cooke) decided to go to the Winter Formal together.  For once Norman is looking at the girl standing right in front of him, versus the girl across the room. Norma begged Dylan (Max Thierot) to get her a gun and show her how to use it, but he refrained, indicating that Norma with a gun is a bad situation.

Well, well it looks like Sheriff Romero was the guilty party holding onto that missing money that Jake has been feigning for. Norma decided a conversation with a shrink regarding her stress levels would be best to keep her calm.  His probing led Norma to realize thatNormanis not a boy anymore; he’s growing up to become a man.  He also questioned her about her childhood with her parents. Norman stumbled upon a disturbing conversation involving his teacher, who was a bit frazzled that he may have heard what she was talking about on the phone.  I knew there was something off about his teacher; looks like Norman may be seduced by his older teacher.

Alex Romero came face-to-face with a mystery woman who may have worked closely with Jake Abernathy and Zach Shelby. Emma bonded with Norma about her date with Norman to the dance.  Emma noticed a scar on Norma that caught her attention, just as Dylan came through with a gun to protect dear ole mom.  In a mother and son bonding moment, he taught Norma how to shoot a gun by firing at bottles and cans. Dylan’s job peaks his mom’s interest, which leads him to confess what he ‘really’ does. The duo had a bonding moment, where Norma became ‘mom.’

Norma received a visit from Maggie Summers who warned her about Jake Abernathy.  Norma was pleased to see Bradley stop by the house, but he was not too happy to see that she was interested in seeing Dylan and not him.  I fear this is a situation that will causeNorman’s anger to peak.  He eavesdropped on the conversation from another room; the look on his face is frightening to say the least.  He had some wicked plans in store, Dylan should be very careful of his actions.Normanfreaked out on his mother about not having any black socks; luckily Dylan came to the rescue. Big bro noticed that Norman’s behavior was a bit off, asNormanegged his brother to take Bradley out.

Norma shared withNormana deep secret about her past involving her older brother forcing her to have sex with him.  It struck an emotional cord in Norma, as well as it did with Norman.  The happy life that she shared with the therapist wasn’t so happy after all.  This really explains a lot of Norma’s behavior, why she is so protective of her children and why she acts the way that she acts out.  She’s afraid of being alone.  Norma received a call from Jake reminding her not to forget about their scheduled appointment.

It appeared both Norma and Emma were a bit frightened about being at their first dance together. In other parts of the world, Norma was preparing herself for the fight of her life with the treacherous Jake Abernathy. Emma unleashed her frustration out onNormanas she realized that the boy next door is not into her.  Norman found himself being assaulted by Bradley‘s friend; it was a sad situation for Norman who walked home in the rain and bleeding.  Thankfully, his teacher (Keegan Connor Tracy) picked him up.

Norman returned to the docks to meet Jake with the ‘cash’ that he was expecting her to have little did she know that Sheriff Romero was in tow with a suitcase of cash to give to Mr. Abernathy. Norman watched the meeting from the distance. Norma armed herself with her gun, preparing for the worst, as her jittery fingers got the best of her.  Romero made it clear to Jake that White Pine Bay is his town and he controls everything that happens. Romero then viciously shot Abernathy multiple times before his body fell into the water.  Surprise! Mr. Romero was well aware Norma was watching all along.  There is indeed one good person in this crazed town.

Norman found himself being attracted to his teacher as she cleaned his wound; from a distance he was aroused by his teacher who undressed herself, willingly knowing that Norman could see her.  He saw hallucinations from his mother; this prompted the teen to frantically run from the residence as Norman stumbled upon her son.  The final scene revealed the bloodied body of Norman’s teacher.  Did Mr. Bates kill his teacher?  It sure looks like it, but in the town of White Pine Bay, it is possible that he was set-up. But let’s be honest we all know Norman did it right?

By LaDale Anderson