HOLLYWOOD—I am bored, I cannot say it enough. What is taking place on “The Young and the Restless” right now has to be duller than dull. I mean absolutely nothing riveting is happening with any of the characters or storylines at the moment. We have a custody battle that just does not seem all that intriguing at all between Devon, Abby and Chance. Devon has decided he wants to have a bigger role in his biological son, Dominic’s life.

However, that would ignite a fire in Abby who plans to do everything in her power to ensure Dominic stays in her presence and Chance. Chance on the other hand is acting like a lost puppy. We all know he is dealing with a ton, but it feels apparent that Chance could care less about what transpires in the situation.

I was more eager to see what would happen when Victor, Nick, Ashley, Jack and the rest of the Newman and Abbott clan would do after discovering what Devon has been up to. At this point, it seemed Abby has not spilled all the tea to her family and friends. Like I noted, this is a lackluster storyline that has no spark, fire or risk factor that makes a viewer want to tune in. Hell, I expected Mariah to be the one glued to Dominic aka Bowie, but nope it was Devon and this storyline just seemed to manifest itself into thin air.

We talked about this last time, so I guess we have to talk about it again: the Sally, Adam and Chelsea love triangle. Chelsea is pinning after Adam, she’s jealous of Sally and now she is demanding she has a separate building for work so she doesn’t have to run into Adam. Is there nothing else the writers can think of doing to give Chelsea a new chapter? Gosh it seems like “The Young and the Restless” and “The Bold and the Beautiful” just love recycling the same storylines over and over and over again and not expect the viewers to see what is going on.

Billy and Lily seem happy at Chancellor, Sharon and Rey are doing much of nothing, Nick has no storyline, Victor has nothing going on, Elena and Nate are just there, Tessa and Mariah are engaged and when it comes to Noah, I have no idea why the writers even brought the character back to town. He just seems to be moping and not really clicking or connecting with any of the characters on the canvas. Hate to say it, but the character’s return has been moot just like the return of Chance people.

I guess if there is anything we can hope for in terms of a story it involves Ashland Locke. I still have the oddest feeling that this guy has been faking his illness for months, but I cannot pinpoint exactly why he would do that and what he would gain by doing such people. He must have a big motive in place one that is going to have ripple effects when it is exposed. When will that happen “Y&R” fans I couldn’t tell you.