HOLLYWOOD—It looks like the villain who destroyed lives in Salem on “Days of Our Lives” might be getting a taste of medicine. Ben Weston may be out of Eve Donovan and Vincent’s clutches, but the ramifications of their torture is having a major impact on his psyche. He is being conditioned by Vincent, the protégé of Dr. Rolf and if Eve gets her way, it will end with Ciara being murdered by her own husband.

Ben is definitely unraveling and doing all in his power to keep it together. So it does raise a big question for me: could Ben actually murder Ciara because we know her portrayer Victoria Konefal is exiting the soap in the coming weeks along a slew of other key players. I mean it would be a shock, one I’m not certain Hope can grapple with it were to transpire considering she already lost one child years ago.

Perhaps the hugest battle in Salem, involves siblings Sami and her twin Eric. Allie, who has become an emotional mess after giving birth to her son, wrote a letter left town and noted she wanted Nicole to raise her son. That left Nicole overjoyed, but she knew an enemy was waiting in the corner: Sami Brady.

Sami has always hated Nicole’s guts, ever since her role in her holding onto Allie (claiming she was her child), which it was actually Sami’s baby. Yeah, I keep forgetting about that, and it totally makes me realize why Sami has hated and I mean hated Nicole for all these years. Eric and Nicole, as well as Sami have lawyered up and it looks like a baby battle is going to get nasty. I thought Sami was going to swoop into Salem and swoop back out, but it looks like she is here to stay for a while people.

In other Salem news, Jake and Gabi celebrated a victory for DiMera Enterprises, but in the process, they started to realize that Chad is using Gwen as a spy. Gabi was not happy, neither was Chad, but it was perhaps that kiss that Chad and Gwen shared that might cause major issues in his marriage with Abigail, who is slated to return to Salem very soon. I’m not fully invested in this storyline, but things are starting to get interesting to say the least people.

John is ill, what’s new people, I feel like the writers are just lost with what to do with Marlena and John and they just seem to be there without much to do. When they come up with a storyline it tends to be boring as hell to say the least. First Marlena goes deftly ill, now its John, what’s next? Find these two legends a storyline that is actually interesting for readers.

The big rocker in Salem this week was the return of prodigal son Phillip Kiriakis, who returned home and he made plenty of waves people. Xander was under the guise that Victor was going to appoint him as the new CEO of Titan Enterprises, and Victor did, but it may not last people. Why? Phillip wants to hold that title and considering that Phillip is his actual son, blood is always thicker than water, especially when it is your children.

Phillip is back in Salem, but what chaos will he cause this time? Could we see problems transpire again in Shawn and Belle’s marriage? Will the prodigy take on more of a sinister side courtesy of his wicked parents Kate and Victor? We shall see people.