HOLLYWOOD—A ton of utter chaos has exploded on “The Young and the Restless” in past week. Well, let’s kick things off with the revelation of Zack being the mastermind in the sex ring. Yes, this is a storyline that I thought dragged far longer than it needed to, but Crystal, Sharon and Tessa confronted Zack about his role in the scheme which he denied. That later turned into a public fiasco at a Newman Enterprises event, where Victor re-introduced Victoria back into the family business at Abby’s surprise.

If Victor has a favorite child, it has to be Victoria because he will do almost anything for her, even backstabbing his youngest daughter. Per usual, Abby was livid at the result, but only more madness ensued as Dina decided to slice Nikki across her arm. Yeah, Nikki hasn’t had much to do in recent weeks, so I’m guessing this was the writer’s way of bringing Nikki and Victor back together. It sure seemed like her reconnection with Jack was short-lived or the spark has fizzled because viewers have barely seen the two together on screen.

When Crystal revealed that Abby’s dating app was a major proponent of the sex ring and that Newman Enterprises funded the venture, Victor and Victoria went into panic mode suspecting a PR nightmare. This led to Abby fleeing with Zack, who began to unravel. As she realized she was in the clutches of a psychopath, Abby asked for him to let her out of his vehicle, but he refused. So who would save Abby? You guessed it: could old Scott.

Yes, Abby and Scott don’t like each other, but I’ve always witnessed the chemistry between these two. There hate for one another is nothing more than them fighting their attraction. Scott and Sharon are cute, but with Abby and Scott being trapped in that storage unit courtesy of Zack I’m certain their true feelings are about to emerge and heartache is about to strike Sharon yet again America. More hilarity is the fact that Dina camped out in the back of Zack’s vehicle the entire time, and neither him or Abby had any idea her grandmother was a stowaway. It will save everyone a ton of time when the truth is revealed that Dina suffers from Alzheimer’s because it is so obvious you can spot it from a mile away.

While madness lurks for the Newman and Abbott clan, sadness has taken over for Cane, Lily, Charlie and Mattie. Why? Well, Juliet suffered complications from her pregnancy and was rushed into surgery. Unfortunately, Juliet didn’t survive the ordeal and now Cane has to raise his newborn son all alone. That is a devastating blow for a man who lost everything to have to endure. I think this is just the thing, as bad as it sounds, that will bring Lily and Cane back together.

While Cane and Lily deal with another situation, it is only a matter of time before they learn the truth about Jordan’s past courtesy of Hilary. Yes, Hilary spilled some major tea, leaving Jordan blindsided. I mean he did blackmail her to unleash those nude photos he had of her, but when Hilary plays dirty she plays very dirty. Oh, things only got worse when Hilary dropped the bomb that Chelsea was Jordan’s partner. That led to major turmoil in her relationship with Nick, who was stunned by her past. Really, Nicholas, I mean you had to be aware when Chelsea first arrived in town she was a con artist, this should not stun you.

I sense we might finally (AT LONG LAST) get to the revelation of Christian’s true paternity: Nick is not his father Adam is! Only Victor and Chelsea know this and I can see Victor dropping a bomb like this to teach his spoiled, bratty son a lesson or two. November sweeps has lit a flame on “The Young and the Restless,” but as viewers we are just waiting for it to explode.