HOLLYWOOD—There is a lot going on in Salem on “Days of Our Lives” America. I’m trying to see where we start people. Perhaps we should start with Rafe FINALLY opening his eyes that Nicole never truly had his heart, it was always with Eric. Rafe caught the former loves in another embrace that forced him to realize it might be time to pull the plug on their marriage people. Nicole has chatted with Chloe about her lingering love for Eric, who is still entangled with Jada, but it’s only a matter of time before true love reunites America.

As a result, I have a lingering suspicion Jada might become pregnant and that causes a major loophole in the relationship people. Time will tell how Eric, Rafe, Nicole and Jada navigate throughout this complicated love affair. Eric on the other hand is focused on trying to save Marlena’s life, with the help of Rex, but there is one person who holds the key: Kristen DiMera.

Kristen has the orchid that Dr. Rolf grew and is using that as leverage to reunite with Brady and Rachel. Brady had no plans to take Kristen’s blackmail, but realized if he didn’t, Marlena, Kate and Kayla would die. So Brady agreed, and as a result he would have to dump Chloe. Hmm, Chloe will be devastated, but at the same time it’s a alarm screaming that something is not right, which Chloe should be able to pick up on. In addition, Brady has made it clear he has no intent to love her the way he had in the past, and I agree.

Speaking of Kate, she got married to Roman as the fear of death knocking at her door made the two realize time is short. In addition, Kayla received visits from Tripp, Joey and Stephanie who were all fracturing at the thought of their mom losing her fight courtesy of Orpheus and his wicked ways people. John is livid as always and nearly shattered the vial that was going to save the ladies lives, but Brady stopped him in the nick of time people.

EJ DiMera has gotten his way for now securing Gabi being booted from his family’s company as a result of Ava admitting she forged the documents noting that she was married to Jake before he died. Gabi was livid, but realized that Stefan who has been on EJ’s side is starting to remember his past and his love for her. Gabi has NOT made the full breakthrough, but slowly and surely she is making progress people. Stefan is also starting to realize that EJ might not have his best interest in play because Li has the upper hand.

Li dropped to EJ that he brought Stefan back to life and had Rolf program him to forget about Gabi. Li promised if EJ tried to oust him from the company he will spill all. EJ thought he was bluffing, but Li made it clear he was all about having power and that he wanted a top spot at DiMera Enterprises. What does this mean? Li and EJ are CO-CEOs of the company, and Stefan is expected to have a high-power position at the company. Li and EJ have other problems they should consider, Wendy and Johnny. Wendy is Li’s little sister who is looking for a position with DiMera Enterprises which Li promised her, as for Johnny he wants EJ to pay for how he treated Ava and betrayed him. Johnny is more like his father than EJ realizes. He carries a grudge people.

Let’s talk about the love triangle that is starting to form between Alex, Stephanie and Chad. As I stated in my last column, the writers were pushing for Chad and Stephanie over Stephanie and Alex and viewers saw that play out in the past week. How so? A drunken Chad and Stephanie shared a kiss and almost had sex, but came to their senses. With Chad and Stephanie now working together, those feelings will only continue to surface.

Alex on the other hand is still smitten by Stephanie, but he was invited to a threesome (yes you heard me right) with Chanel and Allie. Both ladies were apprehensive at first, but ultimately the deed between the three did transpire, but Alex’s bliss was ruined when he had a dream where he appeared in the bed with Chad and Stephanie. Yeah, it looks like Alex is starting to realize Chad is a bigger threat to his romance with Stephanie then he expected.