UNITED STATESTony Bobulinski, a former business partner of Presidential candidate Joe Biden, did an interview with Fox News reporter Tucker Carlson about his international business activities with Biden in a Los Angeles hotel. He spoke about his involvement in a business venture with a Chinese oil and gas company, CEFC, and his knowledge of the Biden family’s ventures in countries from Kazakhstan to Romania. These ventures occurred during the presidential candidate’s term as Vice President under the Obama administration.

Tucker Carlson interviews Navy veteran and former Joe Biden business partner Bobulinski.

Biden claimed he was not involved in international business during the 2020 Presidential debate on October 22: “I have not taken a single penny from any foreign source ever in my life.” He also said that Republican candidate Donald Trump was the one engaging heavily in overseas trade. “Foreign countries are paying you a lot. Release your tax returns and stop talking about corruption.” 

He asked the audience: “We learned that this is a president who has paid fifty times the tax in China, has a secret bank account with China, does business in China, and he is in fact talking about me taking money?” 

In a statement published by the New York Post, Bobulinski described himself as the CEO of Sinohawk Holdings, which has a partnership with CEFC as well as the Biden family. He claimed that the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs and the Senate Committee on Finance requested all documents pertaining to the Biden family as well as various foreign entities and individuals. He also stated that he intended to produce his “extensive relevant records” to the said institutions in the “near future.” 

“I would like the American people to see this fact,” Bobulinski told Carlson. He went on to share his knowledge of Joe Biden’s international business plans, particularly in China, in which Biden was paid “millions of dollars.”

The interview with Carlson began with Bobulinski recalling a particular meeting between his family and the Biden family at a “very high level” behind a column so that people could not see them.

“It was set up on the night of May the 2nd [2017] at the Beverly Hilton.” Joe Biden sat and Hunter Biden was also present. “They wanted me to take on the CEO role and develop [incomprehensible] both in the United States and around the world in partnership with CEFC.” CEFC is a Chinese private oil and gas company.  

Tucker asked Bobulinski to describe the conversation he had with Joe Biden. With his management experience, Joe sought him out, Bobulinski said. 

“I did not request to meet with Joe. Hunter says this in writing: They were putting their entire family legacy on the line.” 

Bobulinski said the CEFC had strong support from the Communist Party of China. 

Tucker asked, “Proud that they were doing a deal with the Communist Chinese Party?”

He responded that those in the discussion were proud that they and Ye Jianming, the then chairman of the CEFC, was able to do “deals around the world.” 

Bobulinski pointed out Biden’s claims that he has no income from foreign sources, and quotes him as saying, “You’ve seen my tax returns and there is no money from foreign enterprises.”

Bobulinski talked about an email he had access to concerning profit distributions in which Biden was referenced by nicknames such as “the big guy” and “H.”

“On May 13th that email had a statement that referenced equity that referenced Joe Biden.” Bobulinski said the reference to Biden did not use his name but uses nicknames including “H” and the “big guy.”

The email summarized the equity: “>> 20 TB >> 10 Jim >> 10 held by H or big guy?”

Bobulinski’s text message regarding Joe Biden’s cut in profits.

Bobulinski said he “thousand percent percent” knows that the “big guy” is a reference to Joe Biden because he has been meeting and talking with Joe Biden and his son numerous times. 

Bobulinski asked the American people to consider how Biden went from a 10% owner to a 20% owner. “What the media tries to hide, and I personally feel it’s disgusting is between that May 13th email to the final document that got executed, did Jim Biden go up to a 10% owner to a 20% owner?” 

Carlson showed the financial document on the screen that showed the cut in profits Jim Biden and Hunter Biden received.

Biden’s share of profits in business venture with a Chinese energy company

The New York Post interviewed Bobulinski saying that he had “no political ax to grind” and acted out of concern of the Biden family “aggressively” leveraging the family name to make “millions of dollars” from foreign entities.

Carlson consistently stressed that the foreign entities from which the Biden family profited were operating in “Communist-controlled” China. He also had a tone about China as a “hostile power” under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party. Before a commercial break, he said Bobulinski will “answer claims that the former vice president as well as other former Democrats are working for a hostile foreign power.” 

Bobulinski described the Biden family’s involvement in a number of other foreign countries of which Joe Biden was involved. 

“As we already discussed through 2015 and 2016, while Joe was still the sitting Vice President, these guys had been doing extensive work around in places like Oman, Luxembourg, Romania, that I was being made aware of. 

Bobulinski said business partners in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia wanted to garner favor for the sitting Vice President. 

“I was brought up to speed about the work they were doing in Oman, Luxembourg, France, Romania, Kazakhstan, and stuff like that, because that was all going to be integrated into Sinohawk Holdings,” Bobulinski said. “They have relationships, the Biden name, and are able to set up meetings and get people to jump through hoops to garner favor for the sitting Vice President.”

Bobulinski said he was not involved extensively in foreign countries outside of China but was willing to share texts, documents, and pieces of evidence regarding such business deals with US government agencies. 

Bobulinski mentioned a phone call in which Biden told him that he could not meet with him:

“He is effectively screaming into the phone that he could not pick up a phone and text me because he was with the Ukrainians and that he was fighting for whatever income he has on the Kazakhstan deal that apparently he negotiated. I am not aware of any of the particulars of a Kazakhstan deal. I just know for a fact there was a Kazakhstan deal because Hunter Biden told me there was in a text that I think you guys have and will show to the American people. It’s not my job to determine what that deal was. I will leave that up to the FBI, the Senate and the Congress to figure that out.”

Carlson said, “It sounds like a remarkably ambitious business program they had running.” He then showed on the screen a text message that Bobulinski received from Hunter Biden:

“Hey Tony I have an idea. In light of the fact we are at an impasse of sorts and both James’ lawyer my Chairman gave an emphatic NO-I think we should all meet in Romania on Tuesday next week. Zhang will be there and so will the completed agreement if they stick to schedule.” 

Carlson also mentioned a document Biden sent him that referenced loaning $5 million to the “BD Family” by Chairman Ye and Director Zhang of CEFC.

Fox News program shows part of a document pertaining to a loan to Biden by the CEFC.

In response to a congressman’s allegation of his involvement in Russian disinformation he mentioned his credentials in the military and government, as a former US Navy Lieutenant. “I held a top secret clearance from the NSA and DOE.”

Bobulinski in navy uniform
(Retrieved from New York Post)

Bobulinski urged the American people to do research on their own and come up with their own conclusions, calling himself “irrelevant” on the matter: 

“I’m irrelevant in this discussion. The American people can read these texts, listen to the recording that you just played, read the legal documents that were executed in Delaware.

The navy veteran and former business partner told Carlson that he did not want to do the interview but did so to raise awareness about Biden’s dishonesty over the matter of profiting from overseas business ventures: 

“I assure you, this is the absolute last thing I want to do right now but I feel I have a patriotic duty to this country and every American citizen to go on record and define the facts for them, and let them do their own work. Let them decide how they view those facts or not. For the Biden family to deny these facts, and then not only deny them, they could have just said, ‘no comment,’ but they didn’t say no comment. They then brought in Russian disinformation.”

Bobulinski’s Twitter account was reported deactivated on October 24. The Post Millennial online newspaper claims that mainstream media has made little mention to Bobulinski’s testimony on Joe Biden’s international business activities. The article shared the opinions of professors on the “media blackout” concerning Bobulinski’s testimony. 

On the morning and afternoon of October 30, less than a week before election day, President Trump posted multiple Tweets about Biden’s “corruption” as well as other posts criticizing Biden, in areas from lockdown to jobs.   

Trump Tweets about perceived lack of Biden corruption coverage on Twitter

Joe Biden is a corrupt politician—the Biden family is looking more & more like a crime family. They took millions of $$ from the Chinese Communists, while Vice President Biden shipped Michigan jobs to China,” Trump said.