HOLLYWOOD—Wow, that’s the only word that I can use to describe what transpired during the culmination of week 7 in the “Big Brother 7” compound. It was apparent the house is officially divided, but I must say Becky rose to the top of my ranks this week. Not just because she became the new HOH, but because she made a bold move and continued to cause utter chaos in the house.

She made it quite clear early in the week that she had her sights set on master manipulator Vanessa. Vanessa is one of those players that literally leaves a person wanting to knock the living daylights out of her. Simply put she’s a big crybaby when things do not go her way. Becky was having none of Vanessa’s deal makings and simply shut her down without a second thought. That scared Vanessa and it was TV heaven to watch those moments unfold. At the nomination ceremony, Becky decided to put both Steve and Shelli in the backseat with Vanessa as her prime target.

Once again, the comic book theme returned to the BB compound for the next POV competition and Steve found a way to victory. This worked perfect for Becky who blindsided Vanessa at the POV. Yes, Vanessa did not see that happening and cue the waterworks once again. So it looked early in the week that Vanessa was definitely going home and Shelli would be staying, but the After Dark aka Goblins made a stupid decision by deciding to evict Shelli and saving Vanessa. Gosh, as much as I want to root for these underdogs I start to abstain. They are so stupid sometimes it baffles my mind. You’re not at summer camp Meg, open your damn eyes and play the game. Your friends are going home because no one on your side of the house is winning power.

Not only did they make Becky and Johnny Mac, supposed allies of theirs look bad, they left a major target in the game that could have been eliminated. You take out Vanessa, you weaken The Sixth Sense alliance and Steve along the way. When Julie announced a double eviction, the houseguests didn’t seem too surprised by the results. Shelli was evicted by a unanimous vote and Steve ultimately won the HOH competition. Yes, to say I was peeved was an understatement because I was secretly rooting for Johnny Mac to secure the win.

Steve made the stupidest nominations to date by putting up Meg and Jackie per Vanessa. For a guy who is a superfan, he plays one of the most rat-infested, boring games to date. His social game is horrid, throwing of competitions is laughable and he talks to the camera in an attempt to convince the audience what he is thinking. There should be NO comparisons made between Steve and BB14 alum Ian Terry.

They are NOTHING alike. Ian came into the house socially awkward, but for weeks the viewers and live feeders got to see him seriously mold into a master game player. Steve is not playing his own game, he’s playing Vanessa’s and has NO CLUE that he is in no way acclimated to Austin, Julia, Liz and Vanessa. Well, he’ll learn, but it will be on his way out the door.

In a nail-bitter of a POV ceremony, Johnny Mac maintained all the power. He knew if he used the POV on Meg or Jackie that Becky would become a casualty (because Steve despises her for reasons I can only imagine) so it was absolutely smart for him not to jeopardize his game or his ally by using the power of veto on someone who might not return the favor. With that, Jackie was evicted from the BB compound. Yep, it might have been one of the most unexpected exits in the BB series that I can recall. With the house now down to nine houseguests, the house is indeed divided: Steve, Vanessa, Austin, Liz and Julia on one side, Johnny Mac, Becky, Meg and James on the other side.

This week Liz rose to power, which means another one of the underdogs is exiting the compound, but all is not lost, because a juror is expected to return to the game probably in week 9. That could indeed shake-up the compound depending on which person returns and if they are in power. All I know is if someone DOESN’T nominate Austin and the twins, I’m going to puke in my mouth. Preferably Liz has to be eliminated ASAP.

Take her out you weaken Austin and Julia, and in the aftermath, that alliance shatters because Vanessa is already raising red flags to everyone with her paranoia. Hey, Vanessa when you are safe, just sit back, relax, stay sleep and stop talking so damn much! Stop talking so damn much. With Johnny Mac and Becky on the chopping block, here is hoping whoever survives shakes the house by deciding to nominate a combination of Austin, Liz and Julia.

Keep those three and Vanessa and Steve on their toes because they need a bit of fear scared into them. I hate to say this, but I’m dying to see Meg when HOH because beyond targeting James, anybody could be her target including Steve! What glory would it be to see Steve taken out by Meg? Cue the fireworks.