HOLLYWOOD—It was the week that fans of “Big Brother 17” had been eagerly awaiting for: a juror was re-entering the game and a double eviction the houseguests had NO IDEA about was looming. Shellie, Becky, Jackie and Johnny Mac who had just been shown the door battled in an endurance comp that was nothing short of a dismal impact. The comp lasted less than 10-15 minutes, and it came down to Johnny Mac and Vanessa. Here’s where I have a problem with Johnny Mac; your BB life is on the line, stop joking around and start playing the game.

He allows Vanessa to take hold of the HOH putting his faith into her hands. I must admit the fact that Vanessa is working alongside John and Steve is interesting, but how can’t they not see she was aligned with Austwins this entire time and still is? Steve you’re a super fan, this is something you can spot just by her behavior when you interrupt a conversation. She’s playing you guys and you better stab her in the back before she stabs you in the back.

Vanessa decided to go after Meg and James, but little did she know that James would not go down without a fight. In a fun POV competition, the contestants were forced to hide their veto card in the house, while everyone else searched for them. In the end it was James who was victorious, but Vanessa was none too pleased. This woman is definitely a sore loser, when things don’t go her way. She started balling and whining, and adjusting her target to Meg; Vanessa everyone knows you wanted James out, gosh will you be stunned to discover you’re the villain this season and you’re not as loved as you may suspect that you are.

In a twist of fate, Vanessa chose to nominate Julia alongside Meg. Now, this is a game changer because Meg could have been saved and the Austwins could be broken apart. When Julie announced the double eviction on Thursday, the house was literally in awe and not prepared for it. This is where James’ gameplay lacks. He could have spoken to John and Steve earlier in the week about flipping the vote to break up the twins and Austin. This is a threesome and we’re getting to the end of the train, why would ANYONE wait this long to make a move?

Nope, Steve and Johnny Mac got the jitters and choose to evict Meg. I know I wasn’t the only person screaming at the decision, probably all of America was. One of my favorite podcasters, Rob Cesternino who competed on the reality hit “Survivor” echoed my sentiment fully; make the move! There were those pundits saying Steve and Johnny Mac made the best move considering what transpired. Guess what, no one had any idea that Liz would win the HOH. Trust me she would have been rattled if her sister was sent packing, and it could have earned both underdogs some major points with the jury if they made big move.

I’m almost certain that this season will consist of a bitter jury. I can’t pinpoint precisely why that may be the case, but something just tells me the way the game has shaped this season, we could be looking at another finale where the mastermind falls. I totally respected Ian’s win in “Big Brother 14,” but there is no way in the world Dan should have lost considering the masterful game he played that season. Let’s just say if Janelle and Mike ‘Boogie’ were a part of the jury, the outcome would have been much different. If Vanessa doesn’t own her game there is no way the jury votes for her; even though she has played a strategic game.

Liz did Vanessa’s dirty work by nominating both James and Johnny Mac. I was praying James would win the veto and force Liz to nominate either Steve or Vanessa, but it was Julia who lucked out and captured her first win of the season. Yes, that competition was purely luck based, and just like that fan favorite James was sent packing. Nooooooooooooo! Now, it’s really difficult to root for anyone in the game.

The only person I can root for is Johnny Mac, but I can only see redemption in him if he takes Vanessa out of the game. She has to go! Steve is now in power and has made a move that is nearly 8 weeks overdue, but why do I have a feeling the powers that be (um Big Brother) has another surprise or two for the houseguests that is certain to shake-up the game?

“Big Brother 17” is starting to lose my interest, so unless I see some cutthroat gameplay, which should happen at this point, I’ll check out until the finale.