HOLLYWOOD—Well it appears there is an alliance ruling the house this season on “Big Brother 17,” and it’s an alliance that is hard to root for. ‘The Sixth Sense,’ which consists of Shelli, Clay, Vanessa, Liz, Julia and Austin have maintained a grip on power since week two. This week saw Shelli and Liz rise to the top. Of course it became apparent early on they were planning on targeting the other side of the house.

How in the hell hasn’t Jason, Meg, James, Becky, Steve, Jackie and John figured out there is an alliance working against them? Perhaps the pieces will start to make sense in week 5; if you’re a fan of the live feeds you will completely understand why.

Liz nominated Jackie and James, while Shelli continued to target Jason, and used Johnny Mac as a pawn. I swear if one more person in this house asks Johnny Mac to throw a competition I’m going to scream. What’s worse? If he agrees to it I’ll scream louder. In a 90s theme BOB, James and Jackie outwitted Jason and John to secure their safety, meaning Shelli was HOH once again, oh great. This woman is so diluted with her level of fakeness it’s hard to watch her on TV. I cannot wait till the week that Shelli and Clay are sitting next to each other on eviction night. What goes around comes around?

With Liz dethroned, it became apparent Austin did not come to play BB; he came to find a showmance. He must have forgotten to read the memo that a showmance is the quickest way to exit the BB compound. When Shelli discovered that Audrey’s lie about Jason coming after her and Clay was untrue, she was forced with making a game-changing move. Would she or wouldn’t she? Who knows, but with Vanessa winning the POV, it set the stage for a blindside that Audrey wouldn’t see coming.

The one thing I can say about Audrey is her gameplay might suck, but she doesn’t back down from a fight which makes for interesting TV. For the strangest reason, Clay seems to be at the forefront of many of the arguments in the house, even though they are completely stupid, he seems to instigate things. When Audrey’s paranoia got the best of her, she called out Clay on his antics, which had him scream to his mother, oops I meant Shelli about taking out Audrey!

This led to a battle between Clay, Vanessa, Shelli and Audrey in the HOH where she laid out all the cards on the table. It soon became apparent that Audrey knew she was about to get become a replacement nominee when Vanessa used the POV to save Jason.

Audrey Middleton got evicted from the "Big Brother 17" compound in week 4.
Audrey Middleton got evicted from the “Big Brother 17” compound in week 4.

Things got so bad for Audrey, she refused to show up to the POV ceremony and stayed camped out in the Have Not room for at least 2 days. Yep, it became pure speculation that Audrey might choose to self-evict from the game. Would she? Nope, she got her spirits up, even though she was evicted by a unanimous vote Thursday night. With the manipulator gone, it became apparent the house would no longer be divided? Wrong. Austin dropped major tidbits about the twin twist that everyone has known since week 2 thanks to the very perceptive Da’Vonne (gosh I wish this woman was still in the game).

This later placed a target on Austin, as his alliance began to question his loyalty in the game. In a knock-out HOH, it was Jackie, yes you heard me, Jackie and Vanessa who became victorious. Darn, I was hoping Jason would edge out a win. Vanessa has a bit of a problem catching HOHitis when she gets power. Jackie is indeed a wild card, and will do what is best for her game. Why do I have a feeling that another backdoor is in place? These people can’t seem to play the game with a bit of integrity, so much to the point that it drives me bonkers.

Week 5 might finally be the moment that the other side of the house realizes an alliance is steaming rolling them out, one-by-one. It’s time for the battle lines to be drawn and a war to be ignited. Hey, “Big Brother 17” pundits, what the hell happened to the BB Takeover? It was relevant for like 2 weeks and then vanished. I say it’s time to introduce a BB Takeover that knocks the houseguests off of their “A” game. Remember predictability makes for boring TV and we all hate boring TV right? Unfortunately, “Big Brother 17” is beginning to fall into that region.