HOLLYWOOD—Finally, we now have a competition. As much as I was a fan of Jason, his eviction set the stage for a divided house, where the battle lines have been drawn. On one side, there was Jackie, Meg and James (the underdogs) versus EVERYONE else. It was the first endurance comp of the season that saw the contestants standing on a wall, while being drenches in water, attacked by birds and defying gravity. When Jackie and Meg fell off, my hope was for James to outlast the competition. Guess what? He did. After he made a ‘deal’ with Shelli, she handed our country bumpkin the HOH.

I couldn’t have been happier. The underdogs were in power, and James had no intention of keeping his deal with Shelli. At the nomination ceremony, Shelli and Clay were floored to see their pictures on the monitor. So much to the point that the showmance decided to interrupt James during his nomination speech. They were none too happy and let it be known to Vanessa and the rest of the house. Sorry, but you do indeed reap what you sew. The king and queen got a taste of their own medicine and they crumbled under pressure.

Did they take the burden of Jason’s eviction more than they should have? Without a doubt, because Vanessa was the puppet master, but Clelli could have saved Jason if they wanted to flip the vote. In the aftermath of being nominated, Clelli isolated themselves from the house. It’s amazing when the tide turns everyone wants to play the victim card.

Becky placed herself in a peculiar situation by divulging details to Shelli and Clay about the possibility of being nominated going against James wishes. She needs to be very careful; playing both sides can be detrimental if things hit the fan. During the POV competition, Clay and Shelli’s week went from bad to worse, as James maintained all the power. I was secretly hoping for a moment that James would have considered removing Clay from the block and nominating Vanessa or Liz.

That would have been a surefire way to get Shelli out of the abode. Why? Well Shelli is a much bigger threat. She can acclimate with others, while Clay would have been damaged goods; his game would have improved significantly with Shelli out of the game. Clay refused to campaign against his lovebird, but Shelli secretly did so behind the scenes, thanks to Vanessa.

This resulted in Clay begging everyone to vote him out and keep Shelli in the game. Not good for James, Jackie and Meg, cause Shelli will be gunning for them when she wins HOH. It became evident that Shelli would stay in the compound over her beau. Many “BB” fans were in uproar about Clay ‘quitting.’ While he didn’t see it that way, he pretty much gave up $500,000 for Shelli. Sorry, who even knows if this showmance is going to last outside the house? Clay is going back into the real world; Shelli won’t seem him for close to 2 months. A lot can happen in that time frame.

Right before the live eviction, fireworks exploded in the house. James and Johnny Mac were having a conversation, and Clay eavesdropped and alerted Vanessa that she could be in trouble. This led to Vanessa (having another emotional blowout), confronting James, Johnny Mac and Clay. James and Clay nearly came to blows, while Vanessa continued to call Clay out on his lies. Johnny Mac was forced to show up and play the game. It’s about damn time. He was well aware of Vanessa’s master manipulation, which put a target on his back, but at the same time, Becky as well. As much as those two perceive themselves to not be a duo, it’s apparent that they are.

Vanessa’s blow-up may be the nail in her coffin because no one was planning to target her at the moment, but perhaps Jackie, but now, her game was just exposed. For the second week in a row, we had an endurance comp; the all too familiar fish bowl comp. It became apparent early on that Becky, Julia and Jackie were going strong for the win. In the end it was Becky who became HOH.

Week 7 is going to be great as a major player is in jeopardy, but more chaos will ensue on Thursday when the houseguests learn its double eviction time. Yep, someone will be following the latest evicted houseguest right out the door. Usually double evictions yield weak surprises, but for “Big Brother 17” I can see a big personality exiting the compound. “Big Brother 17” is sure shaping up to be an entertaining season to say the least!