HOLLYWOOD—Alliances have been forming like crazy this week on “Big Brother 18.” We began back at the HOH competition on Sunday night to find out who wins the Head of Household for week three!

The competition where the houseguests have to stack berries after balancing on logs is pretty close throughout. Paulie wins this HOH keeping himself and Category 4 (Bridgette, Michelle and Frank) safe for the week.

After the competition Paul and Victor try to do some damage control with Paulie since they voted to evict Paulie last week. Paulie has his eye on Victor for his main target, but does not want to give him any chance of escape.

Victor tries to put the attention on the girls as possible nominations. Paul realizes when a ship is sinking, so he tries to build some trust with Paulie when Victor is not there, and agrees to be a pawn on the block. Paul has to be one of the better players to keep his emotions and game play separate.

At the nomination ceremony Paulie puts Paul and Bronte on the block for voting against him last week. Paulie plans to backdoor Victor, which leaves Paul in an awkward position forcing him to play dumb when Victor talks to him about nominations.

This week’s BB Roadkill competition was an intelligence competition. All the houseguests had to pick six items from a BB souvenir stand that added up to exactly $18. The fastest time wins and the BB Roadkill title goes to Victor!

Victor tries to gain some trust by telling Paulie that he won the BB Roadkill and asking for advice on whom to nominate. Victor nominates Tiffany and we left Sunday’s episode with Paul, Bronte and Tiffany on the block.

On Wednesday, we see that Tiffany is just like her sister, Vanessa. Tiffany’s paranoia levels are up and she confronts the 8-Pack alliance about the possibility of her going home this week. She thinks this might be one big 8-Pack conspiracy to get her out.

It does not help that Tiffany and another member of the 8-Pack, Frank, do not get along. Her emotions and paranoia cause Da’Vonne and Frank to discuss evicting Tiffany instead of Victor.

Paul is put into yet another awkward situation during the Power of Veto player picks. Paulie draws Da’Vonne and Paul’s name, causing Paul to pick someone to play in the competition. To Victor, the obvious choice would be to pick him, but Paul is trying to stay in the house, so he picks Zakiyah instead.

Before the POV competition the 8-Pack tries to convince Tiffany to throw the competition so Victor for sure gets backdoored. This is a spelling competition and due to past season, ahem, Brandon and Rachel’s whole season, I was honestly surprised everyone spelled a word right!

Everyone has to grab letters from underneath toenails, spell a word, and the person with the word worth the most points wins the game. During the competition Da’Vonne notices Tiffany counting her letters and is clearly not throwing the competition. Luckily for the 8-Pack Paulie wins with “Sustainability.”

Da’Vonne is not pleased about Tiffany not throwing the competition, and discusses this with both members of the 8-Pack and members of the Fatal Five. The girls of Fatal Five seem to be turning into the Fatal Four to cut Tiffany out leaving Da’Vonne, Nicole, Michelle and Zakiyah.

During the POV meeting, Paulie rewards Paul’s loyalty by taking him off the block and replacing him with Victor. Poor Victor is stunned, but understanding since he did vote for Paulie last week.

Third eviction! But first, let the alliances multiply! Victor tries to keep Team Unicorn close together by attempting to vote Tiffany out. Tiffany confides in Bridgette and Natalie about her dislike in Frank. Bridgette then tells Frank what Tiffany says, and a possibly two-person alliance is formed. James is concerned Tiffany, Bridgette and Natalie are starting an alliance.

Frank makes a move without consulting the whole 8-Pack and tells Paulie about the 8-Pack alliance. Seriously, did no one in BB 18 watch Season 16 and see Devin making the exact same moves! Frank then makes a small alliance with Paulie and Corey.

Frank tries to do some damage control by confronting Da’Vonne and Zakiyah about telling Paulie about the 8-Pack. Word gets around and more small alliances are formed due to Frank’s move.

Paulie and Zakiyah seem to make a two-person alliance. Zakiyah confronts Da’Vonne and Nicole about creating a five-person alliance with them and Paulie and Corey. Da’Vonne confides in James and they both realize with all the alliances it is pretty much every man for himself.

The votes are in and with a 9-1-0 vote; Victor is evicted from the game. Victor isn’t surprised, but is very excited when Julie Chen reveals the Battle Back twist. Onto the next HOH competition titled “Kiss My Ace.”

This is a team challenge where one person from each team bounces a tennis ball that lands in a numbered slot. The person landing with the lowest number, or persons if it is a tie, get eliminated each round. Bronte is the first one out and eliminations continue until it is one person left on each team.

Soon it is down to Paul and Bridgette, and Bridgette wins! This leaves her as week four’s HOH and Team Category Four with Frank, Michelle and Paulie safe for the week. Until next Thursday Big Brother fans!

Big Brother airs on CBS at 8 p.m. Sunday, 8 p.m. Wednesday, and 9 p.m. Thursday.