HOLLYWOOD—This was indeed an interesting week on “Big Brother 19” America, but it’s apparent we still have a ton of houseguests who prefer to play follow the leader than to actually make a move. When we last talked it was a battle between Jessica and Dominique, and it was unfortunate, but Dominque found herself evicted by a 10-0 vote. However, while evicted it wasn’t the end of her game, as Julie announced the Battle Back competition was back in play, and Cameron, Jillian, Cody and Dominique would all fight for an opportunity to re-enter the game.

I loved the idea of a Battle Back challenge where the house had the opportunity to halt one of the first four evicted houseguests from re-entering the game. No surprise people, Cody managed to take out all of his competitors. In a surprise, Julie dropped the bomb on the houseguests that an evicted houseguest would return, but they wouldn’t learn that person’s identity until after they cast a blind vote to send someone to battle Cody.

Of course, these people can’t think for themselves, and voted for Paul to battle Cody. As the house waited in anticipation, the Cody reveal was well worth the wait because Paul was not happy, nor was Josh, Christmas, Mark and a few other people. It was so epic to see Paul falter at the hands of Cody and to see Jody reunited. Sometimes dreams do come true for BB fanatics. So Cody is back in, but his social game is not up to par in my personal opinion. Conversing is one thing, but picking up on the pulse of the house is more important in my opinion people.

Paul is worried and he should be; that immunity you had for the past 3 weeks is up buddy, and all that hard talk that you had been doing recklessly can now come back and haunt you. Seeing him place the entire house in a room and let it be known they ALL need to go after Jessica and Cody for the next HOH was ridiculous. If someone, anyone, I mean anyone with a brain could please stand up and revolt against Paul it would be the greatest thing for BB 19 right now. This HOH challenge was another one of endurance, this time involving the competitors holding up a disc with a tiny stick.

Yes, I’m going to call it out, Christmas was allowed to use her scooter in the contestant, which I found unfair. I get her leg is broken, but that is a huge advantage, as she got to rest 1 leg, while standing on the others, none of the other houseguests could do that. These houseguests are pathetic; I mean more than half of them dropped less than 5 minutes into the competition. Are any, I mean any of them even trying to win the game? I was livid to see everyone give their punishments to Jessica and Cody. And watching Elena do Paul’s bidding to get Josh to rattle Jess and Cody was pathetic. How in the hell did no one, I mean no one pick up on what Paul was doing?

Hey houseguests, you may not know this, but the more you target Jody, the more you make viewers feel sorry and root for them. You’re making them underdogs and I love it. After nearly 3 hours, Christmas lost her disc and Jessica rose to power. I was baffled by Jessica nominations: Josh, I totally get, Ramses that was just stupid. If anything, Paul, Raven, Matt, Mark, Elena or Alex would have been placed on the block people. She targeted Josh, who while entertaining, is becoming annoying as hell in my opinion. Like grow up! Jessica was indeed a power player this week, as she won the POV competition, and the paranoia started to explode.

Jessica, Cody, Elena and Mark have NO IDEA the rest of the house is planning to vote out Ramses because the POV was not used. Making the situation worse is Josh is playing like he is defeated ala Audrey style from BB17. The problem is Ramses has some suspicion, and so does Jessica, but they’re not TALKING, as much as they should.

This is major because this will be the SECOND time Cody and Jessica will be blindsided by the house, what’s worse, they have no idea of the ramifications. Jody will be livid, but so will Mark and Elena for being left out of the loop by the group, and this is similar to BB 17 when James, Meg, Jackie and Jason finally got a clue as to what is going on. This could be the wake-up Paul that will make Elena (the only person who I can see, is well aware of Paul’s BS to go after him). The thing about a blindside is to ensure you don’t blindside someone who can potentially become an enemy who was previously your ally. Paul hasn’t thought this one straight and it’s going to cost him the game people.

That means you have 2 power couples against, the rest of the house and at this point anyone could become a target, except Jessica and Cody. Why? Jessica has the Halting Hex, and none of the house knows its power except for Cody. She has clued Kevin of her ‘power,’ but not to the degree that he knows what he it does? That has his wheels churning and he could be looking to position himself to allow the showmances and Paul and his minions to take out each other.

So Jessica and Cody are safe for another week, no matter who wins HOH, but if Cody, Elena or Mark wins HOH after this blindside if it happens, they’ll be safe for another week and can use that power during the final week and literally deliver perhaps the best moment in BB history; an absolute blindside that will stun the house. Fingers crossed because it will be absolute fabulous TV to watch it unfold.  There is indeed a reason “Big Brother” has the saying: ‘Expect the unexpected.’ You never know what might transpire when you become too comfortable.