HELLO AMERICA—It was reminiscent of the old days in Hollywood when searching for the perfect actor to play the key role of Sonny Lewis in the Pre-Broadway play with music, “I Feel Sin Comin’ On.” Based on the book, “Hollywood Through the Back Door,” the play has garnered the attention of actors from New York to cities on the west coast, actors hustling to claim the respective roles based on a true story.

After months of considering tons of young actors for the key role of “Sonny,” it was decided by producers based in Atlanta, Georgia that Kirk Kelley-Kahn, the grandson of the late Oscar nominated actress Juanita Moore (“Imitation of Life”) would be perfect in bringing to life the very controversial “Sonny Lewis” for the world to see and try to understand.

Actually, Kirk was involved with the major public reading of the play which opened to an invited audience at the noted SABAN THEATER in Beverly Hills. He introduced the character of “Johnny boy” one of the outrageous young brothers of older brother “Sonny.” One critic noted that “Kirk Kelley Kahn was one member of a family that obviously was being challenged in every possible way during a time when it was considered sacrilege to not know your place as people of color in our country.”

Kirk who grew up in Texas, understood very well how it felt being on the outside no matter how talented or ambitious you are because of the long history of the part of America that still hangs on to the symbol of the Confederate flag.

“When reading the play,” he offered, “I understood the main character Sonny and his many levels of frustration involving his dreams, his battle of sexual confusion and attempts to ignore the realities he was forced to recognize during his unending attempts at survival.”

Many who attended the “Reading” of the play predicted it would be another “A Raisin in the Sun.”  The executive producer, Levi Miller noted, “I believe I FEEL SIN COMIN’ ON is really on a different level because it is based on a true story, one which actually happened involving real people.” It’s relatable, there are thousands of Sonny’s who fought to breathe free during the 50s. Then too, after being raped at six years old turned his view of life upside down but it wasn’t an experience of complete emotional devastation but one which enhanced his determination to escape the darkness he was forced to exist in, trapped in a terrifying relationship with his abusive alcoholic father.”

It is believed that young actor Kirk Kelley-Kahn with his level of understanding and total control as a performer on so many creative levels will give the kind of performance which will open the doors of not only Broadway, but even bigger acting opportunities as a film and or TV artist.to be genuinely remembered.