HOLLYWOOD—Well, we are getting some glimmers of hope “Big Brother” fans! Yes, “Big Brother 19” has been one of the worst seasons of “Big Brother” that I can recall. I mean as much as I hated BB15, at least the contestants were fighting for the prize money, this case, ugh. I’m not certain what it is about Mondays, but there’s where all the drama has unfolded each week in this house. This week, Jason made a big move and split up Maven, and those two were flabbergasted at the results. Summer camp was over, Matt showed some EMOTION in his tirade and earned himself a penalty vote, just as Raven cried thinking someone was just going to give her $500,000, someone would, that person would be Matt.

Even Julie was speechless with Matt’s lack of gameplay during his exit interview, and Kevin’s goodbye message, might be one of the BEST OF ALL TIME! Hilarious! So with Matt out, the HOH competition was delayed by rain and it was the racing competition, where you have to wait for the key word to flash before taking off to hit your buzzer. Now, this is just pathetic, how in the hell does Christmas who has a broken leg, when a racing comp? These idiots threw the HOH to her; that is the second time that has transpired. If Christmas gets to the end, there is no way in hell she deserves to win; she hasn’t done a damn thing, but talk Josh off a cliff each time he berates someone.

This week it was Kevin, and Kevin sure as hell laid into him and made it clear: he’s not one to mess with. Per usual Josh cried like a big baby. I mean this kid is worse than Big Meech from last season. So with Christmas as HOH, she took a shot at Alex and Jason by nominating them. Jason has killer instincts, but the stupidity of his partner, Alex will lead to his eviction this week. He knows they are not pawns and that Kevin is really not the target, but good ole Alex believes everything Paul is selling because he can’t lie. Earth to Alex, this is BB, lying, backstabbing, deception are all part of the game. I seriously want to see Alex get the wool pulled over her so she can finally WAKE UP and take a shot at Paul.

Paul played with dangerous waters this week by winning the veto, which forces him to a degree to show his allegiance. Making the situation even worse is the fact that he wants to force a tie, and have Christmas get blood on her hands. Here’s the problem with that: Josh is no idiot, he is onto Paul’s game. He sees it clearly and has noted this to Christmas, who like Alex, just won’t believe Paul will betray them to benefit his game.

That is the ONLY thing that will save this season: if one of Paul’s minions actually take him out, and the only three people right now I can see making that happen are: Josh, Alex (if she gets blindsided which will happen) and Kevin (he knows Paul’s game too, but is just playing along right now). Christmas and Raven are blind, and Jason’s leaving unless some flip transpires, where he has to throw his pal Kevin under the bus to secure he stays.

The only way that could happen is if Paul is exposed, and Josh finds a way to get Raven and Christmas onboard to blindside Paul by taking out Kevin, and then going after Paul in the double eviction. Yes, it’s double eviction time, so Paul’s plan can explode because he won’t have a week to soothe things over. Paul and Josh are planning a fake fight, but with little to no time to ensure the ruse doesn’t appear orchestrated, Alex could easily catch onto what transpired.

If Alex is blindsided, she’ll be out for blood meaning, Christmas and Josh will be in trouble. So our saving grace is for Kevin to win HOH, nominate Paul alongside Christmas and hope the house takes the bait to send him packing, it might be there only chance to be honest, until final four or final three HOH.