HOLLYWOOD—At long last people are finally, finally catching onto the ruse of just what Paul is doing in the “Big Brother 19” house. It was a wild week to say the least, leading up to an eventful double eviction that had fans at home glued to the TV screen, just as the houseguests ran amuck trying to figure out who to target. Christmas and Josh went along with Paul’s absurd plan to force a tie and get all the blood on their hands; I have not seen such stupidity from contestants in such a long time its baffling. Christmas and Josh sure poured on the waterworks during the double eviction as Jason found himself blindsided and walked out the BB house furious. He did not hug anyone, as Alex and Paul attempted to plead their cases as he rushed for the door.

Jason’s interview with Julie was epic because it was evident he was livid at Paul, Alex and the rest of the house for duping him. However, the moment of the hour was those goodbye messages America. I mean Josh divulging all the details beyond Jason’s eviction and Paul’s hand in it was glorious, not to mention Paul’s epic flub of acting as if he had NO IDEA Jason was going to be evicted. Plenty have speculated this could be a bitter jury, and to be honest I think it will be.

Paul is playing a masterful game, but he still does not understand the importance of treating people with dignity and respect while they are in the house, especially if they are part of the jury. He did the same mistake last season with Natalie and Da’Vonne. He played dumb with Da’Vonne’s eviction even though she was well aware of his hand in her demise, not to mention his horrid treatment of Natalie. Paul may have not only lost Jason’s vote if he gets to the final 2, but Elena, Mark and possibly Matt and Raven, I see remnants of BB14 America. The thing about the jury is you have to be able to own your game; Paul is not doing that right now, so convincing the jury of that when they ‘DON’T’ see it, is not an easy sell.

As predicted, Alex knew she was on the outs, and won a vital HOH competition, where she made the dumbest nominations with Raven and Kevin. Seriously?! She should have lit a fire under Josh and Christmas for betraying her, and then after Josh won the veto he should have thrown Paul under the bus to Alex to get her to nominate Paul and gather the votes to send him packing. Nope. It was Raven who found herself blindsided and walking out the door. The fact that she tried to convince Julie she played a strategic game was laughable. We’re down to the final five with less than a week of BB19 to go (thank God)!

Josh is the new HOH and he nominated Alex and Kevin. Alex poured on the waterworks to tug at Josh, Christmas proved her loyalty lies with Paul and Paul is still being an a**hole. I mean he slapped Josh in the face, what the hell? Alex was still being snowed by Paul, but he shouldn’t have won the POV in what has become a tradition: the BB comic competition. Paul had to show his cards to Alex who was fiercely loyal to him. This is a girl that can be quite petty and bitter, and she certainly was when Paul revealed he would not use the veto on her. She said she would help Paul win the game, but I suspect she might be toying with him America.

She hates Kevin for reasons we’ll never know, she refused to work with Jessica and held a grudge against Elena that was hilarious. If Paul screws her, he could very well cost himself another jury vote. If you’re going to backstab someone, it’s best to be honest with them and not keep up a charade of being completely out of the loop. Alex was evicted during a 1-1 vote during a surprise eviction on Tuesday, and Paul won the final four HOH. The house is certain the last POV of the season will be the infamous day’s competition, but I expect we could be looking at the face morph people. With the snap of a finger we went from 8 houseguests to 4. Where was this bloodbath back in August when we still had like 11 people in the house?

At this point in the game we have two saving graces: Josh wins the final HOH and cuts Paul ala Steve did to Vanessa in BB17 or Paul takes Josh to the end, to lose a second time by a 5-4 vote in favor of Josh. Paul has played a phenomenal game, but unlike Dan in BB14 (who owned his role as the villain of the season), Paul refuses to accept his personification in the game, and his jury management has been just as bad if not worse than last year. How you treat people as they walk out the door is vital.

So long “Big Brother 19” hello “Celebrity Big Brother!” Yes, that is right, host Julie Chen revealed at the end of Thursday’s DE that “Celebrity Big Brother” will be unleashed to fans in the winter. Oh, this is going to be glorious fun. I’m just hoping we get some celebs who are actual fans of the game entering the house to actually compete, unlike the sheep we’ve encountered this summer.