HOLLYWOOD—Oh, I seriously did not think Tyler Perry would be able to top the season four finale of his hit series “The Haves and the Haves Nots,” but the season five finale was fire America. Why? Revenge was bursting from the opening moment until the shocking final moments. The episode, amply titled ‘The Veronica Show’ was fitting considering the top-notch attorney had her hand in all of the cookie jars and as a result she learned that what goes around comes around. If you dish evil it will come back to you ten-fold.

Candace continued to wallow in grief after seeing her son’s body. It was a trying time, but interesting to witness Hanna and Benny get the opportunity to provide a bit of solace to a grieving mother. As Hanna said her goodbyes to her grandson, Katheryn stood by her side to provide sympathy for her pal in her time of need. Well, Veronica continued to prove to be the biggest b**tch of the hour. She taunted Melissa, called her ugly, lazy and attempted to force food down her throat.

Yes, I was ecstatic to see Melissa quip back at Veronica by forcing her to acknowledge that her son, Jeffrey is gay. Veronica attempted to slap her, but Melissa was able to doge a bullet. As I pinpointed, Anna and Wyatt got closer, but he was thrown off by seeing a priest walk past. Yup, I think this goes back to Wyatt’s past, when he was molested by a priest as a child. I will admit the first 30 minutes of the episode was quite slow, but things quickly picked up in the second half.

Candace was not in the mood to entertain Jim and his antics, in her time of grief. When Candace revealed that Warlock was dead, it seemed to stump Jim. However, it actually caused her to connect two-and-two and realize it was Jim who set things in motion that led to her son’s death. Candace wanted Jim to confess to his involvement, but he did not take her bait. I never thought Jim was cold; but it looks like he may have ignited another war, won that will cost him dearly. Jeez, this day just keeps getting better, as Candace found herself being accosted by Veronica who indicated she needed Candace for a favor.

Veronica is one dirty dog. She kept a camera in the vase with a recorder capturing everything that transpired between Candace, Veronica, Warlock and David. Wow, Veronica wants to strike at David to teach him a lesson. Cops entered the hotel lobby, and it started to unnerve Candace, just as Candace was finally arrested for the murder of Quincy Maxwell.

Jeffrey and Justin had a conversation about Veronica blindsiding Justin’s wife while in the courtroom. Jeffrey and Justin confronted Veronica who slid a note under the hotel room making threats as Justin started to lose his composure and grabbed hold of Veronica arm. The usage of a ‘Black Lives’ matter phrase was a bit forced to say the least. Veronica made threats per usual, and I have the biggest inkling the Ice Queen is about to take a major fall, but the question of the hour is just who will commit the deed. I mean Melissa grabbed a wire hanger, and looked ready to make a move, and I fear it will be against her biggest threat.

Erica and David continued to play house, just as David pried about details regarding ‘the ex’ who bruised her face. David is indeed whipped people, and Erica’s placating is so

obvious I can’t fathom how this guy doesn’t see it. Jeffrey warned David that his mother planned to send him to prison, but David knows Veronica best and warned Jeffrey to stay away from the courtroom. Veronica was in for a shock when she learned that Melissa attempted to take her life yet again, just as George attempted to rattle Mrs. Harrington yet again. Game changer, George revealed that Veronica contacted Jennifer Sallison before she was murdered! I saw a bit of fear on Veronica’s face people, just saying.

Veronica showed her prowess in the courtroom, and made George look like a fool. That Veronica Harrington is indeed a good one. When Jeffrey and Justin showed up in the courtroom, she wanted revenge. Dammit Jeffrey, why in the hell would you show up after your father informed you not to show up? The judge and George were stunned by the development, and Jeffrey was placed under arrest. Veronica continued to drop bombs, by playing a video of Justin and Jeffrey carrying on a secret affair. Justin’s wife was horrified by what she witnessed, just as Justin was seething red. Wow, Melissa tried to murder her unborn child.

The final moments was a shocker people with Veronica driving Melissa back home after she tried to kill her unborn child. Candace was released from police custody, and received a call from Charles who wanted her to pay him a visit in Washington D.C.  Out of nowhere, Veronica was stunned to see Justin ramming her vehicle, just as Melissa laughed at the turn of events. Yes, the Ice Queen is finally getting a taste of her own medicine.

It was chaos, as Melissa took control of the wheel causing the car to lose control and flip over and leaping into the air before crashing to the ground. Justin watched from a distance and drove right by as his enemy could be bleeding to death. Now, that is what you call a cliffhanger America. Do I suspect Veronica Harrington is dead? Nope, but I would say she is quite battered, and Melissa is certain to have lost that child, so Veronica’s leverage is gone. Season five was one hell of a treat, but now I’m eager to see where things will head for season six which returns in January 2018.

What will David do when he learns Veronica had their son arrested for murder? Will Candace target Jim? What will happen with Erica and David? We have about 4 months before “The Haves and the Have Nots” return, so be patient, I have a feeling it will be worth it!