HOLLYWOOD—Man on man, week 1 of “Big Brother 19” was full of surprises galore to leave fans wanting more. Well, week two is proving just because you’re on top, does not mean you’ll remain there. When we last left off, Jillian and Christmas were on the block, Cody alienated his entire alliance and the house was in disarray. To make the situation worse, Christmas broke her foot. So there was plenty of speculation that she would be pulled from the game, but she is still there (and I have NO IDEA why)!

In what should have been a close vote, Jillian was literally blindsided when Josh and Kevin decided to send her packing and keep Christmas safe. The look on Jillian’s face and her god awful interview with Julie Chen was proof that she should have been sent packing. So it’s clear that Paul, Dominque, Maven, Marlena and Christmas are all a super alliance, with Josh and Kevin as potential add-ons (those later I beg to differ). So with Alex, Jason, Ramses, Cody and Jessica stunned by the vote, the second HOH was critical people. Per usual, CBS just has to promote their new TV shows by plugging them somehow with a BB competition involving the new series “Candy Crush” (that was oddly similar to a competition in BB OTT). Paul hosted that competition and of course he won Head of Household after getting a ball into a perfect slot.

Now I see why so many people complain about vets versus newbies, it’s like they become completely shell shocked by a prior contestant and just start playing stupid. Paul you have 3 weeks of safety, why in the hell are you trying to win HOHs and vetoes; you need to lay low, you already have a target on your back, you just made it 10x bigger you idiot. So with Paul in power, he is already totting around the house like the king of the island, oh, Paul, your fall from grace will be epic and trust me, it’s going to happen, as soon as that safety that you have dissipates.

The guy threw around some of the dumbest ideas for nominees, at first planning to nominate members of his alliance in an attempt to backdoor Cody or Jessica. Yes, Jody is a bit bitter with the way the events in the house played out. I mean seeing that catfight between Christmas and Jessica was phenomenal during Thursday’s live eviction vote people. At first I wasn’t feeling Jessica that much, but having Cody leave the house might not be a bad thing after all, it forces one to readjust their game. The same thing happened to Janelle in BB6 and she just became an underdog after that where fans couldn’t help, but root for her. This week’s Den of Temptation, offered Christmas the perk of swapping places with any three random houseguests selected to play in the Power of Veto competition if she is not selected to play. It’s not the best power, but it can prove pivotal if used correctly.

The problem with the Den of Temptation is that the consequences seem aimed at the other houseguests and not the person who got the reward. Not fair BB producers. If anything you should offer the temptation, and deliver the consequence to the contestant who took it at a later date. Give them the actual unexpected. However, Christmas began singing like a canary to all her alliance members about getting the prize. Damn, can anyone in that house keep a secret?

While after much debate, Paul decided to nominate Alex and Josh for eviction, with the intent to backdoor Cody or Jessica. To make things even more interesting Ramses, who was cursed when Paul took the Pendant of Protection decided to offer himself up as a third nominee. Jeez, Ramses, wait until you absolutely have to do it before doing it. And to be honest, I don’t think I would have nominated myself, if my punishment is not being able to compete in the next HOH or cast a vote, so be it. Don’t give people the chance to evict you if you don’t have to.

Cody and Jessica are no idiots so it became apparent that a backdoor plan would be in place and with the POV players picked it looked like Paul’s plan would work perfectly and it did. Why? He won the POV, and decided to remove Josh from the block and put Cody in his place. Interesting, because it does show Josh that he owes Paul one, but at the same time does he? Being a pawn is the dumbest thing in BB because things can easily shift people.

Now Ramses is in hot water for trying to win the veto (it’s his game at stake people), I would have done the same thing. Not only am I saving myself, but I would halt Cody from being nominated and using him as a weapon to go after Paul and his allies. You always want to have a bigger target in the house people. Paul doesn’t seem to get that. Once Cody is gone, he’s prime for the taking, next to Matt and Mark.

So Ramses is constantly being thrown under the bus by everyone in the house, especially Kevin, who argued that Ramses voted against Jillian when it was actually him. Kevin playing both sides will get you in hot water; it’s only a matter of time before everyone learns you took the $25k! So with Cody obviously getting the boot, Jessica looks more like an underdog people. Must say, I’m rooting against the big alliance already cause they’re not even attempting to converse with others (this is a social game, you can’t ostracize people) cause it they get power you’re a target Matt, Raven, Elena! The cool kids are easily turning into ‘The Friendship’ alliance from BB6, who thought America loved them, but we actually hated their guts. I’m so happy Alex FINALLY got a clue that Kevin’s loyalty is up in the air, and warned Jason not to talk game with him. About time, you put it together, Ramses didn’t vote for Christmas to stay, Kevin did!

This third temptation is the greatest yet: the Halting Hex! It allows the houseguest who wins to halt an eviction. Yup, that means an entire week is a complete waste. So it looks like Alex and Kevin could be prime to win this prize, but I’m hoping Ramses and Jessica are considered. They are indeed underdogs, they’re going to need some assistance, and are likely the only contenders not salivating over Paul and ready to make a move. Can you imagine the look on the mega alliances face to see all the hard week they did for an entire week go up in smoke? It will be priceless America, utterly priceless, and phenomenal TV!